5 Min Bit with Seemma Jain

“I am committed with determination as a Life Coach to carry the mission of transforming masses”, articulated Seemma Jain.
She is an accomplished Past-Time Regression Therapist with a Gyan Kalash ‘Women’s Achiever Award’, Reiki Grand Master, Certified Tarot Card Reader, and Dowsing Master- these are only a few of her unparalleled accomplishments. A voice of knowledge and experience, Seemma Jain has healed several troubled souls. Her expertise has brought her clients from across the globe and institutions including a Tarot Card reading for Red FM Channel. She has also travelled the world in search of newer experiences and thinking patterns. Know more about the venerable Seemma in this metaphysical conversation with Storiyaan. 

Seemma Jain


Questions and answers

Your professions have a deeply interwoven relation with spirituality. When did you first find your inclination towards spirituality and how did it transmogrify your mind and personality? 

My inclination towards spirituality began when I started performing ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ and Regression Therapy which made me connect with myself and understand the journey of souls and spirits. This spiritual awakening made me realize the purpose, meaning, and path of my life. It has made me stronger and more philosophical rather than materialistic. Today, I don’t judge people as they are all walking on their chosen path and making decisions accordingly.

People often suffer from past pains that arise from a subconscious frame of mind. Could you elaborate a bit on that?  

Our subconscious mind resembles a child who imitates everything it perceives or listens to. So, we have to re-arrange our subconscious mind if we wish to heal from our past trauma. Through Regressions Therapy or Hypnotism one can erase or learn to cope with their past painful memories and relive themselves as a newer, happier self. 

How exactly does Past Time Regression therapy work and how does it affect the people who seek this therapy?

Past-Time Regression Therapy tries to acknowledge the fears, pain, relationship-financial-psychological issues of the past life which we are still carrying in our present life. The soul never dies and we carry our ‘samskaras’ in every life. Therefore, Past-Time Regression Therapy helps a person uproot the problems, ailments, or incidents of the past life so that they can have a better understanding of their purpose and live happy contented lives.

What are the techniques that you resort to harness the flow of positive thought processes for right and effective solutions and how does it affect strained relationships?

Since I have learned various modalities, I suggest different healing techniques like neuro-linguistic programming, energy-emotion-freedom techniques, past-time regression therapy, angel healing, Reiki, tarot reading, and even counseling. The modalities depend on the person I am healing. For example, if someone is trying to receive therapy for a strained relationship, I ask them to speak without inhibitions that often make them feel better and they find answers to their problems.

Most people believe phobias to be arising as a result of some suppressed childhood trauma. What is your take on the very issue and what do you think lies at the core of this fear?

Phobias are not only the result of our childhood but can also develop during our mother’s pregnancy. Trauma is generational and can be transferred from the mother to the child or from the previous life.
The core issue with these phobias can be diverse and can only be understood with careful analysis and practice of healing.

Do you believe in establishing a bond with your client before therapy? How does that contribute to the effectiveness and success of a session?

Yes, I believe a personal connection with the client leads to excellent results as they feel comfortable in sharing information. Initially, all clients are hesitant or reluctant to share any knowledge, so I try to create a rapport with them and they open up about their problems which makes the therapy effective as well as friendly. 

What is a message that you would like to give to people experiencing GAD and panic disorders due to COVID and lockdown?

My message to everyone is that nothing is permanent so this too shall pass. Try to have a creative outlet and be as positive as you can be. To those who have lost their jobs or loved ones, I can only ask them to be strong and hopeful.

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