Sara’s Movie: Acknowledging Woman’s Personal Choices

Today, we present before you a phenomenal film recommendation featuring Sara’s movie. The movie released today, on 5th July 2021. It is a Malayalam language film having a romantic drama premise. Keeping in mind the current pandemic situation, the filmmakers arranged an OTT release. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime Video.

Sara’s Movie: Depiction of Womanhood

Sara’s has been directed by Jude Anthany Joseph. Therefore, Jude is following his typical storytelling style. The film is narrated from the vantage point of a woman. To put it simply, its plot centres around the personal choices of women. The viewers are likely to experience themselves as somebody who is close to Sara. The cinematography efficiently takes you there. After reading the name of this movie, one thinks of the use of the apostrophe and s present in the title. Yes, it is worth speculating. The filmmakers are probably pointing towards a thing that is not common in many places. They highlight it because anything that comes under a woman’s personal life is to be governed by her decisions only.

About The Movie

The main character of the film is Sara. Anna Ben plays the role of Sara. It is a real-life thing advocated by a big chunk of people that women should prioritize childcare. Sara’s addresses this problem and the dilemma a woman goes through. After getting pregnant, our main character nearly decides that she will abandon her career. The appealing part is the movie’s friendly narrative style. It doesn’t get preachy.

Sara has a supportive family. One of the supporting characters is her father. Interestingly, Anna Ben’s real-life father is the one who is playing the role of Sara’s father. Other than that, the film has narrow-minded, typical ‘sexist’ male characters.

Sara’s is a fine movie to watch. But it has certain limitations. Nonetheless, it’s good to see the representation of such unconventional matters.

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