Saniya Sugla:A Brand by Birth

A Brand by Birth

“Vibes on the internet travel at the pace of light. After more than a year of working in startups and marketing agencies, I realised the power social media had in one’s life. As someone who was online 24*7, and also played a role in the content that influencers and brands put online. I very well knew the difference between real life and virtual life. However time and again, I found myself falling in the trap of comparing my life to what was portrayed on the internet. People around me were no different. And I further realised how social media, which once all fun and games and entertainment has become a place which makes people anxious and second-guess themselves. I knew I wanted to do something about it, I just didn’t know what.

I was good at my job; my career was steady and going upwards. But, somehow it still left me feeling dissatisfied at the end of the day. So, this year I decided to quit my job. I wanted to put my creative energies to better use and start something of my own. I took my first baby step by freelancing. At first, I was perplexed about the brand I wanted to foresee, but one thing was certain. In a world where we spend most of our time online, I wanted to put out content that made our audience feel better instead of capturing their insecurities.

Nobody should watch content that I created and compare their complexion, weight or even achievements, rather they should embrace their existence. And with that idea in mind, I braced myself onto this new journey. A 24-year-old with 1 year of work experience and millions of aspirations to make a change, I did have my fair share of setbacks. Brands would often refuse to work with upcoming individuals, further leading me towards self-doubt.

But, I eventually did find my way. Keeping in mind the lockdown and pandemic, I started out small by collaborating with businesses that were affected. Soon, some big brands that were already estabilished also started coming on board. It’s been just a few months since I began sailing this ship. I still doubt myself or compare myself to others some days. It’s a constant journey to love yourself. However, my clients and brands give me the faith and courage to keep going with their kind words and constant appreciation. When what you do is appreciated, you know it was meant to be!

Today, I can proudly say that I am building a personal brand as a social media consultant who creates memorable, impactful, engaging, feel good content for brands and helps them help their audience fall in love with themselves. I do believe that my methods are eventually going to create small differences in the virtual world and make it a happier place to be.

All my life I’ve wondered what product I want to create, sell, or market. What brand I want to work with. Nonetheless, the answer was with me all along – ‘I am my own brand and my mind is my only product’.”

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