Saloni Agrawal

Saloni Agrawal: Just put on some Blush!

It’s often said that beauty isn’t about being flawless, it’s about being fearless. Meet Saloni Agrawal, the founder of Blush Cosmetics, who established her own handcrafted business after graduating from Nagpur with a degree in cosmetic formulation and manufacturing.

Saloni also holds the title of the first female member of her family to enter the business world. Her main purpose is to market new products and to enable cosmetic customization through her services.

Follow a woman’s incredible journey through Storiyaan, where she began selling her items just to her family and has since expanded to a company line that sells across India.

Meet Saloni Agrawal the first female entrepreneur in her family with her company’s major goal being to provide accessible personalization in every product, starting with lipsticks and ending with soaps. Yes, even the lipstick colors can be changed to suit your preferences!

Saloni Agrawal

Saloni Agrawal: Just put on some Blush!


Questions and answers

What sparked your interest in studying Cosmetic technology and choosing it as your profession?

I’ve wanted to be self-sufficient since I was a child. However, I was unable to enroll in a medical study due to a variety of factors. My brother and I learned about a subject called cosmetic technology, which is concerned with the creation of cosmetic items. That’s when I made the decision to go for it.

When was the first time you realized the entrepreneurial streak in you and wanted to open your own business?

I am the type of person who cannot sit still and requires constant stimulation. So, while conducting summer workshops for kids, I realized that I am capable of running a business and completing tasks.

How would you like to describe Blush cosmetics and what are the options available?

Our Blush cosmetic allows you to show off your true self. Customers can choose from eight different items, each with its own set of customizing options. We also have a variety of gift baskets available for purchase.

Among all the products, which is the most sold product in Blush cosmetics, and what do you think is the reason?

BLUSH HAIR OIL is the most popular item among all of the goods. This is due to the fact that it contains around 13 herbs and is an all-in-one hair oil. The outcomes are just astounding and the customers just keep coming back for more of this Hair Oil.

Being the first businesswoman from your family, what was the most challenging phase and whose support did build your strength the most?

Dealing with courier services was the most difficult part for me at first, and finding a space to start my business was the second most challenging task. Furthermore, I was my own cheerleader during the entire process, and my family was my second source of support!

Is customization under your service available, and what are the primary elements you keep in mind while making the cosmetics product, given that everyone's skin texture and type differ?

One of the most important things I kept in mind while designing my cosmetic products was talking to my clients about their skin texture, skin type, lifestyle, and other considerations. Then, depending on our conversations, I suggest the best options for them.

Share with us one clientele experience of yours that has left a professional impact on you.

My favorite clientele experience is with my sisters, which you may find strange. They ask a lot of questions about the merchandise and act as if I’m simply a merchant and they’re purchasers who care about the things they buy. Their professionalism has been quite beneficial to me.

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