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Sadhana Giri-Daughter behind Refutation

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Sadhana Giri

Sadhana Giri - The Daughter behind Refutation

“My parents were often ostracized and called ‘unfortunate’ for having daughters. Papa was even discarded from his ancestral house and properties. ‘Tumhari 4 betiyaan hai, aur betiyon ko thodi jaydad milti hai’ said his brother.

Papa was a lecturer. He was the only earning member in the family. Going to court and fighting for our rights was never an option. ‘It’s a waste of time and effort. I’d rather focus on my career’ he’d say.

We may not have had a roof of our own. But, the most valuable thing we could ever inherit from Papa was his aturgy. ‘Money will come and go but education will always be your strength. Tumhe Ek din apne pairo par khada hona hai’ he’d say.

Coming from a village in eastern Uttar Pradesh where girls were married off in their late teens. And performing the household chores was the only lesson ever taught to them; the rules at our house were different.

Girls in our district hardly went to high school. But my parents made sure to support me in every possible way when I told them about my dream to be in the army.

Despite the first 3 failed attempts, they didn’t lose faith in me. And owing to that constant support I became the First Woman Navy Officer from our district. I got into the Indian Naval academy – Asia’s biggest!

Soon, I became the First woman to have risen to class 1 gazetted rank. Commissioned by the President of India, it’s equivalent to an SP in civil parlance. Colliding with a man of that stature wasn’t within everyone’s capabilities.

The relatives who’d spurn us once upon a time we’re now hailing us! Not only did our lives change from that day. But, soon a lot of people from our village started sending their daughters to school.

Growing up in such an unconscionable environment I always thought to myself, ‘One day I’ll make my parents proud of me. I’ll earn back everything papa had to give up. And that day was finally here.

But, all Papa had to say was ‘You know why I never felt tragic although I lost everything of my share. Because that house isn’t my possession, you girls are. Kyon Ki betiyaan toh Asset hoti hai liability nahi’. “


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She has been helping out the masses in uncovering their highest potential and helping women become more confident and financially self-reliant through her initiative Infinite Ripples as a Founder and CEO.

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