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A career that walked into modeling eventually skyrocketed to the top bars of theater acting, Sachin Vashist‘s journey has been one of a kind. He started with modeling and then worked in commercials. He developed his eloping skills as a performer against the camera, and today, he stands as the heartthrob of the theatrical world. A constant performer at National Theater Festivals, he has more than 50 plays under his belt with the Bela Theater Group.

Sachin Vashist has worked from Television to Bollywood and to more recently YouTube- his movies lined up for release this year.  

Though his journey was never easy, from theatres to modeling, and now acting, he has always proved his potential through his work. Sachin Vashist has got all that a superstar must have from his killer looks to his eminent personality, and above all, a lovely smile. Storiyaan came across this inspiring talent, and here’s an insight into the talk that we had with him.

Sachin Vashist


Questions and answers

Since you have done theatres for years, can you tell us how theatre has honed you in shaping you as an actor?

Well, theatre is the best thing that has happened to me, and it has helped me get to the roots of acting. That’s the primary reason why I always encourage young actors to join the theatre and learn the basics of acting. Theatre is the place where you can learn a lot about the acting, setting, sound, and the best part is it plays a vital role in letting the actor inside you flourish. The same happened to me, and I am incredibly grateful that the theatre occurred to me.

You also appeared in a feature film 'Never Leave Me' in which you played the role of a drug addict. How difficult was it to switch your image from a chocolate boy to a drug addict?

 I always prefer to do something new, something difficult, and something unique. I love acting, and I think that when you are in love with your work, no matter, however difficult it is, you try to do your best. I have received criticism all this while, but I have never given up. The universe has always given me all that I have wished for. Talking about Never Leave me, I had gotten in the character to the extent that it took me a while to get back to being myself. Overall, I can say the experience was enjoyable. 

Your role in Zee TV's Zindagi Ki Mehek was appreciated a lot. Can you tell us about any special incident while shooting?

On the very first day on the sets, I was very nervous, and it happens with all of us. When we do something for the first time, the fear is always there. When I was shooting for the coming day’s episode, our producer, came to me congratulating and appreciated my acting skills. When you are just scared and restless, and when someone comes and comforts you, it is the best feeling ever. When our producer patted my back, I got a quick adrenaline rush, and it made me feel better. This is one such incident I can never forget in my life.

You became the face of several topmost commercial brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. How does it feel to add so many feathers in your cap at such a young age? What are the perks that you get when you are the face of the big brands?

I have started my career in modeling. Modeling has always been my first love, after which I ventured into commercials. I feel nostalgic when I look back in life. Commercials are quick, and so you don’t have to keep shooting for all that long, and in my view, that is the biggest perk the ad industry has to offer. I would love to have more opportunities and more chances to do commercials.

What special memories did you hold being a typical UP boy? What all are the street food items you are missing in this quarantine?

Yes, I belong to Greater Noida. I have many memories of gobbling various fast food items and roaming on the streets of UP. Nevertheless, you never realize the importance of things until you lose them.  I am a big-time foodie, and I am missing Chhole Bhature a lot this quarantine!

Your next venture is a film produced and directed by Gorvinder Arora in which you are going to play the lead. Can you tell us more about the project?

It is a typical masala movie with a pinch of social awareness. I hope the audience loves my character on-screen.

Being an actor and model, we are sure you have a fitness routine. Can you tell us a bit about that?

To be honest, I always work on my fitness according to the need of my character. I neither follow a particular routine, nor I plan a schedule and stick to it. But I always prefer a proper and balanced diet.

What advice would you like to give our young readers?

There is not much that I have to say apart from a few basic things that I feel everyone should follow. Get out of your comfort zone, meditate, and introspect daily. Do a lot of reading and observe your surroundings. The most important thing, be true to yourself, and you will always find a way out, even in the darkest hour.

Being a model-actor, is there any trend that you hate?

I sometimes find many weird things that people do, like they mix casuals and formals for the sake of fitting in and doing something different. I hate when people stuff themselves in the name of fashion or trend. One should always wear comfortable clothes and use fabrics that are good for the skin and not wear something just for the sake of it. 

Acting, modeling, or YouTube, what do you enjoy the most?

Well, I have enjoyed all the professions I have been a part of, but to be honest, I want to be more of an actor, and I love acting the most.

What are the projects that you have in the pipeline as of now?

 I am working on some music videos, some songs, and some films. I am still involved in modeling as well as theatres because I can never leave that as that is where I have started from. 

Lastly, where do you see yourself five years from now?

I haven’t planned yet for the future as life is magical, and the best things in my life have always come to me unplanned. For now, I want to keep experimenting with my roles, do commercials, movies, art films, and there is a lot to do. The list is endless. 


1. Your favorite travel destination:- Anyplace that has myriad shades of traditions and cultures

2. Five essentials in a men’s wardrobe:- White Shirt, Blue Denims, A Nice Jacket, Good Shades and Watch

3. A cheat meal:- Chhole Bhature

4. Favorite daily soap:- Zindagi ki Mehek

5. Moto of your life:- Jiyo Aur Jeene do (live and let live)

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