Rupali Jeganathan-The Word-Enthusiast

Rupali Jeganathan describes herself as a person who is one-half poetry. She is a writer, an observer, an art enthusiast, a blogger, and a wordy- force of nature. A writer for Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT), she proudly declares literature as her porn. Look at what The Girl Lost in The Bookstore had to say to Storiyaan about her poems and her journey with TTT.

Rupali jeganathan


Questions and answers

Could you start by talking about the influence of poetry in your life?

Words have always been my home. I grew up with books. I would go to libraries with my dad every week and check out the maximum number of books that were allowed. I found comfort between the pages that I could not find anywhere else. Poetry came much later in my life when I was around 19. I had always wanted to write, and with poetry, I found a way to combine my voice and my creativity.

What were the books you read, if any, that inspired you to become a poet?

There wasn’t a single book that inspired me. Rather, I was fascinated by the concept of books I loved the way how they could shape and bend the words to sing the songs in your heart.

Do you remember the first write-up you ever wrote?

I tried writing for the first time at a young age – maybe when I was a ten-year-old It was a story about a magic cat (Haha) I don’t think I ever completed it, to be honest. I started writing seriously when I was 19.

Your Instagram bio reads- I am one-half poetry. Can you elaborate on it?

I think I am made of words. They are such a vital part of my life that now I am even convinced I have words and poems running in my veins instead of blood.

Talk to us about LiteratureIsMyPorn. Where did the idea or inspiration to do that come from?

I first started my journey with writing through a blog. One of my friends encouraged me to create it, and I cannot say how grateful I am to them. I got connected with like-minded people who inspire me and have been a huge part of my journey so far.

Can you talk to us about how you started with Terribly Tiny Tales?

I’ve been reading their micro-tales ever since they began. I loved how they narrated an entire story in 140 characters. I applied to be a part of their team through their website a few years ago, and I got selected! It was a memorable day for me.

How has your journey been so far with TTT? Any advice you want to give to numerous people who wish to be 'Select Writer' with the platform?

Being a part of ‘Terribly Tiny Tales’ has been incredible. I think it’s a fantastic platform for writers to showcase their skills as well as hone them. Their prompts and formats especially ones with the 140 character limit have challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and write things that I normally wouldn’t. As for the advice, I would say, keep writing consistency via the app.

You also have an account on the Ko-Fi platform. Would you like to tell the readers about it?

I came across the Ko-fi website when one of my mutuals on Tumblr had posted about it. I think it’s a wonderful platform to show support to your favorite artists as well as receive appreciation for your work. I have received positive responses since I started the account and I am truly grateful.

Lastly, can you tell us why do you write (please forgive the cliché)?

I suppose I don’t have a concrete answer to this question. I write because it has become an obligation and it makes me feel alive.

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