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From Passion to Profession

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From Passion to Profession: Rucha Padhye

Four years ago, I started with paper quilling jewellery. Back then, my college allowed me to have an exhibition there, post which I had no plans for the future. Being from Mumbai, a place where the vogue was fresh, I thought of starting a business out of it.

Having worked for three years, I thought of extending the jewellery business to clothing and more. Selling on platforms like Instagram was then unknown to me. I had no idea whatsoever about the same. I then jotted down my favourite sales, post which I found some dealers. Having talked to them, I started with a mere Rupees 300 investment borrowed by my dad.

I am now doing the business almost full time, besides working at my dad’s company, in the financial services. When I planned to do something, I didn’t want to base my page on a niche but offer diverse products. “Farrago” means a melange, a collection of different things. I sell clothes, jewellery and a lot of decorative stuff that the ladies can adorn.

I had started Farrago since my 2nd year, and by the time, I reached my final year, I had a lot of assignments stacked up combined with loads of study. I was then startled and had to give a second thought of continuing the same; as it was a hobby back then. I was on a break from Instagram and other handles for a long period. The comeback was surreal as I got a massive response from my Instagram fam. The covid-19 situation had probably triggered online shopping then.

Customers are the assets of a company. Since the very beginning of Farrago, I have a customer who has bought every piece of jewellery created by me. She even provided feedback stating that my jewellery is unique and well crafted.

I want people to learn about the lost forms of art and spread the art essence more. I wished of launching new products which had an Indian tint of culture to them.

I read an article the other day and came across a column where rural women kept their families alive by working on and selling traditional products. This struck me to me, and I decided to provide them financial support through Farrago. This is exactly what Farrago stands for – a local small business for the local people out there to support the local artisans and being vocal about all of this!

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