Roshni Sammohi: Shining with Creativity

When the lockdown hit and the normal changed forever, Roshni Sammohi decided to give her instincts and passion the chance it always deserved. After 4+ years in the corporate world, choosing to freelance was a decision that did not come easy to her. But the strong-willed and determined Roshni landed on the journey with a mission to give a unique voice to brands and businesses as an Online Business Manager. Today, she has successfully helped countless companies stand out in the competitive digital realm. She is also a proud Potterhead and an avid reader who finds happiness in reading. From a freelance copywriter to an OBM, read more about the gifted Roshni Sammohi in this cozy interview with Storiyaan.

Roshni Sammohi


Questions and answers

Tell us about your discovery of Saloni Srivastava’s course and how it turned out to be a guiding light for you?

I always found a solution in Saloni. She has been an inspiration, so I have been following her for a long time. It was then I decided to indulge in and take this freelancing to the next level. That was the foundation of my freelancing journey, to be honest. As I started understanding the foundation and base required for freelancing, it worked like my guiding light. This was my first step towards it.

You have worked with many clients as a social media manager. What were some of the strategies adopted by you to give a voice and recognition to the brands you worked for?

Every brand is unique and so are their requirements; some of them wanted social media following, some wanted social media engagement, reach, etc. So based on their audience, who they are, and the kind of competitors they have, or the kind of products or services they offer, the strategies keep changing according to that.

Being a Potterhead, which characters from the Harry Potter series do you most relate to and why?

If I have to relate to a character from the Harry Potter series, I will relate to Harry Potter because he has been a firm, courageous, and smart character. I do feel these qualities are there in me. Maybe I am not the smartest, but I like to help people in need with all my capabilities and strength. Whenever people have looked up to me, and they needed guidance, I have always been there.

Writing has been a part of your journey since your school days. How did you consistently emulate writing into your daily life as work and adulthood took over?

English was one of my favourite subjects from my school days, and that is how my journey of writing started. I used to write articles, essays, take part in elocutions and prepare scripts for school functions. Apart from that, I write short poems for my friends and their special occasions. I have a habit of writing a journal every single day. So, writing has always been a part of my life and there was no need to exclusively single out any time for that.

Many companies these days look for experience rather than skills, even when it comes to freshers. What would be your advice to those candidates who are about to step into the job hunt race soon?

After exploring freelancing, my central advice would be to not live in the bubble of a 9 to 5 job. I would suggest working in the field where one finds interest. Yes, experience matters but if one is skilled enough and invests time and effort in the workspace, it becomes easier to work or achieve the target. I also believe that learning has no limit so one should always be open to guidance and criticisms.

What are some of the lessons that your work-life curve has taught you that you carry with you always, and how did it shape your work ethics?

I learned that time is very precious and one’s efforts and work should be recognized. Dedication is also crucial. If you’re working somewhere, you have to give 100%. You should put your heart and body into it, and it should not be just about results.

Your posts provide new tips and tricks for the budding writers and your followers bear testimony to their usefulness. What is your methodology for curating such innovative tips regularly?

Initially, I started searching on Google that what are some of the trending topics. I started building out the community. People used to drop messages and explanations about what difficulties they have. They even used to comment on their issues, and I would pick my questions from that. And that is how I started curating content.

What, according to you, makes a successful writer, and what are some of the rookie mistakes that most new writers make?

I believe that if you have accomplished your dream of writing, it means you are a successful writer. Some of the rookie mistakes I think people make are picking the wrong tools for their writing. One should find their voice and not depend on the orthodox methods or tips only.

You once wrote, “I never dreamed of success. I worked for it.” Can you tell us about some of the obstacles you had to overcome to reach where you are today?

I would say that I always dreamed of learning new things and help others but my self-doubts, dilemmas about not being able to succeed in my life, and lack of courage to take up opportunities; always acted as obstacles. It took a lot of courage to find my ways to be where I am today finally.

What had been the greatest kryptonite to your work during the lockdown, and what role did the digital platform play during this phase?

I had quit my job in the lockdown. Although my life was going fine, I realized that I wanted to do something else. The digital platform opened up opportunities for me and I grabbed them. Freelancing isn’t a free-flying job but I enjoy it better.

Quick 5

1. Your current binge? — How to get away with murder.

2. One book that changed your perspective on life? — The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

3. Food for your soul? –Dal rice.

4. Motherhood to you is….. — Pure bliss.

5. The First step towards self-love is? – Accepting myself as I am.

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