Rohit Agarwal: Never Back Down

Never Back Down- Rohit Agarwal

Having scored 92% in 12th, I was peer pressured to pursue CA. It took me 2 failed attempts to yield my fate. It threw me off balance in my career, and I drifted astray from my responsibilities. Aimless in life, a spoilt brat with an arsenal of lies up his sleeves. I was partying every weekend until my life became a series of chasing fleeting highs. Dropped out of MBA, left jobs because I simply wasn’t a 9-5 guy.

I solely dedicated my focus on shredding my body. I went to the gym, religiously. But still aimless. After venturing the world of academics, I placed my bets on the entertainment industry and enrolled myself into an institution called Actor Prepares. Along with that, I completed my Masters in Marketing Management from NMIMS. This time, I poured all of my heart in it. I am lucky enough to make excellent friends during my course and the ones who guided me through post the graduation . 

After I aced my graduations and braced myself for the phase of struggle and hustles, a series of pitfalls and episodes of rejection later, I eventually tasted success. I did everything I got to get my hands on, from commercials to feature films. I never backed down on the face of opportunity. I snatched every last one. Getting a chance in this industry is like rolling dice. There’ll be so much work, you won’t have a thought to spare, and at times you’ll have so less work, your thoughts will haunt you. Your image should never fade in the eyes of people, the minute it does. You do soon after.

You should never give up on hustle. I learnt that when I was selected for an international shoot, after a tough audition, for which I had poured my heart into. But the shoot was cancelled a day before my flight. I could have yielded to fate and hid under the ‘I tried’ banner. But I kept my ears on alert to catch a whiff for the next audition for the same role. As soon as I got wind, I jumped, pushed my skills to their limits and scored the role, again. Persistent is the key to achieving the unattainable.  

I’m currently shooting for a cameo continuity role in Sony Sab TV’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main and have worked with Filter Copy to audience’s acclaim. After lockdown, I worked on a web series with SonyLiv. I’m also shooting a Web Series for MX Player, and have one in hand for which the OTT platform is yet to be decided, in which the character is different, which will go on floors in the first week of November . 

All of this is the result of one thing, unrelenting, unyielding dedication and patience.

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