Riya Rani: From Delhi to Hyderabad

Riya Rani

Riya Rani: From Delhi to Hyderabad

I have spent my entire childhood gobbling Chole Bhature and Golgappas in Delhi. I am a true Delhite, as this city holds a special place in my heart. 

It is a tradition for Papa to call my name out loud, the moment he returns from his office and steps into the house. One evening he did not take my name and also came home late. The next morning, I was informed that Papa had got a transfer from his office. He was transferred to Hyderabad and we had to pack our bags and shift to Hyderabad at the earliest. Being a South Delhi girl, I  faced a lot of issues adjusting to the culture and surroundings of the Telugu-speaking province. 

On the first day of my college, I realized everyone here was speaking in Telugu, and I couldn’t understand a single word. I felt like an alien from another planet and had started to hate to live here. I developed sleep disorders and wasn’t able to cope up or even understand what my classmates would speak.

I missed Delhi way too much, and Hyderabad would haunt me every night. With every passing month, it was getting harder to live in Hyderabad. I had to wear a kurta with a dupatta to college every day since we weren’t allowed to wear anything else. I would sit in one corner of the class and cry as I would feel incredibly lonely.

Soon my health started deteriorating, and my father took me to one of his doctor friends. He prescribed me medicines and counseled me for an hour.

That one pep talk changed me in ways no one can ever imagine. Instead of being a rebel, I started adapting and accepting the city I am living in. I started learning Telugu online and also topped my exams the very next year. Everyone started noticing tremendous changes in me and appreciated me, which motivated me even more. It took me a year to change myself to fit in here, and guess what?  Though I still miss Delhi, I have developed a fonder and newer love for Hyderabad.

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