Rio Kashyap: Unbelievable Made Believable

Rio Kashyap is a Reiki Master Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist & Intuitive Guidance Coach whose engrossing psychic stories can make you look for unheard of answers. “I used to hear voices of people fighting in another room of my house but found no one. I later realized they were souls!” explains Rio Kashyap.

When her interest in Dentistry made her a Prosthodontist, her life sure had different plans. Soon after her post-graduation, Rio Kashyap had to confront her supernatural powers and her life took an unexpected turn. Her life-altering experience made her pursue Past Life Regression Therapy and Reiki Healing. And hence began her journey as a Healer.  Dig deeper into the spiritual world of Rio Kashyap in this enchanting conversation with Storiyaan.

Rio Kashyap

Rio Kashyap: Unbelievable Made Believable


Questions and answers

You were always a psychic but never paid serious attention to it. Can you relate to us some of the events that led to your initial realization of this quality in you?

The earliest incident that struck me was the time I heard the sound of footsteps walking on the floor but could see no one. Such spooky incidents were commonplace as I remember hearing souls fight, cry or wail. That led to the discovery of my supernatural abilities.

You mentioned that there was a major incident right after your post-graduation that turned out to be your wake up call. Can you tell us a bit about it and the impact that it had on your belief system?

On May 4, 2016, I dreamt of talking to the spirit of my maternal grandfather who was still alive. But soon after, his health started deteriorating and he passed away. At the time, I felt a warm hug surrounding me. This surreal experience jolted my conscience and I could ignore my abilities no more.

Can you relate to us the events that took place during your Past-life Regression classes that changed your life forever and how did this revelation affect your psyche?

In my Past-life Regression classes, I met several qualified people whose experiences and vision solidified my experiences as true. I found a place of spiritual awakening and the revelation set a foundation for me to believe in myself and pursue my abilities further in my life.

When were you first acquainted with Reiki and used it in your self-healing journey? Can you walk us through the process in which Reiki helped you regain your life back?

I stumbled across Reiki when a friend healed my Hay Fever instantly  with Reiki. That made me pursue Reiki and I completed the masters’ course. It has helped me clear mental blockages improve relationships and bring about massive changes to my spiritual and physical self.

When did you first conceive of the idea for Reiki by Rio, and what were some of the challenges that came your way in establishing your credibility when you were first starting in Canada?

The idea came very naturally to me as the entrepreneurial mindset is inherent in me. Although it was relatively easy to understand the regulations, figuring out the legalities and professionalism took time but it did come around eventually.

How has your medical background enabled you to channel the benefits of Reiki into treating your clients and what type of healing effects can Reiki have on treating physical and emotional pains?

My medical knowledge helps me bring attention to something which needs a specialist’s attention. Healing is manifold; Reiki helps to improve the self-healing ability of the body which enhances your physical as well as mental state.

For those of us who may not have experienced a Reiki session before, would you please describe your personal experiences with it as a practitioner who has given and received Reiki healing?

Personally, when I began learning Reiki, my teacher’s hand over my head released my energy blocks. I could feel positive energies fill my body and emotional pain fading into thin air. However, the experiences of Reiki differ from person to person depending on their sensitivity to subtle energies.

You mentioned that Reiki, Past-Lives Regression and Angels are your constant companions. When did you first venture into Angel Therapy and as a spiritual coach, which of the three have you found to be most beneficial to the needs of your clients?

Venturing into Angel Therapy was an organic process since I began Reiki Healing. I connect with angels and the information I relay to my clients are channelled directly from these Angels. Therefore, the three forms of healing are often overlapping which helps in healing and growth.

Apart from a Reiki Master, you also work as an Administrative Care Coordinator in a Cardiology Clinic. What is your mantra of striking a balance between your day job and your passion?

I try to focus on being high-spirited, focus on inner-healing and get adequate sleep, meditation and exercise. I have managed to strike a balance as my day job brings a sense of security. This ensures that I can devote my concentration to my business and grow along with it.

Having worked in the medical field yourself, you must have encountered the fact that medics often criticize spiritual healing and advise medical treatment and therapy. What is your opinion about the same?

People’s criticism comes from a lack of awareness and understanding. Once they learn and discover spiritual healing they will be convinced. Furthermore, conventional medicine and spiritual energy go hand in hand if employed efficiently.

Quick 5

1. Your greatest motivation – Positive Client feedback

2. One thing you dislike about your day job – Exhaustive talking with people

3. When not working, you are mostly – Cooking or watching movies

4. The most annoying question clients ask you – Although rare, about getting someone back in their life.

5. Your greatest achievement – My ability to positively impact others

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