Rifa:Everything happens for a reason

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Everything happens for a reason

Rifa says, “I am a 25-year-old, aspiring to be a financial planner and a finance writer. Also, I am a part-time food blogger.I was in pre-primary when we realized that I was not able to write properly or with ease. I was unable to hold a pencil properly in my hands. Gradually, I was able to write, but I took more time than the other kids.My parents took me to several specialists and therapists, and we came across a doctor who could teach and motivate me to write. I was trying my level best to write fast like the other kids, but that did not come easily to me.

The real challenge cropped up, in 2010, while I appeared for my Class 10th SSC examinations. We were informed that I needed to get a specific certificate if I needed extra time. The certificate procured after several trips to Sion Hospital, which was deemed invalid. At that point, the Principal of my school came to my rescue, and I somehow got extra time for every exam paper, which is the sole reason I could achieve a good score in my board examinations.

People felt that I had a disability, but little did they know that, for me, it was a blessing in disguise.

After this, I went on to score 96% Marks, in Accounts, in my Class 12th HSC Board Exams, and it was then that I knew that I was able to achieve everything like everyone else. I always wanted to become a Chartered Accountant and was preparing for it accordingly. I could not clear my IPCC Exams, and I was very depressed, my only dream had shattered.

 I thought to myself that maybe I was not meant to become a CA, and I needed some time to figure out my passion. I then turned myself to food blogging, and so far, it has been the most amazing thing that has happened to me.

 I had started blogging as a hobby, and it has now become a passion. With my story, all I want to say is it is okay to give up at times, and if things do not work out the way you expected them to, do not get disheartened because everything in life happens for a reason.”

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