Revolution of Gossip Girl

Hello readers! It looks like Lady Whistledown is going to take the road ahead today. Love juicy gossip, that’s what we are here for right? Then let’s not prolong any further and dig deep down in the high trend, Revolution of Gossip Girl. Whilst procuring and depicting topics of two parallel eras.

Then let’s not wait  any further and hop on the train of Gossips and secrets about with Lady Whistledown.

But caution dear readers the journey forward would be full of mind lurking tittle-tattle.

Gossip girls

Welcome To New York’s Upper East Side

Looking for Tragic holistic drama conferred from the wits of Shakespeare nonsensical plays. Then the New York upper east side has a lot more in store for you than one can imagine.

The drama personates the life of luxury of the privileged teens of New York. This highly profound and elevated Tv series conspires around the social life of the elite hierarchies dominating the American culture and lifestyle.

Plagued with wholesome drama, Juicy gossip, friendships and love triangles, the series conjures a whole new level of reality biases and preceding society.

With its magnifying role play and storyline, Gossip Girl has been able to win the hearts of millions of millennials throughout. Reflecting on the original Gossip Girl, the reboot of the play has been conjured to be highly anticipated by its viewers. 

The loving audience of Gossip Girl has perceived great expectations. But do you think it will level up to their expectations, or will it be overshadowed with the popularisation of the original theme?

What is all that Gossip about Gossip Girl?

Diving back to the past, do you remember the highly acclaimed series, or should we dip down memory lane to have a memory refresh?

The old classic couldn’t have become so thrilled if not for the heightened antics of Serena. Do you remember when Serena coaxed an overdose of a guy’s coke and went to a boarding school? And how could you forget when Blair expelled Jenny from the island of Manhattan? 

Let’s not even get into it when Georgina Sparks manifested her presence. A show conceptualises the ideology of privilege and accessibility for the elite socialites with no room for moralising. Aspiring millennials with half bedridden knowledge struck in a parallelogram of luxury and mushy love scenarios like one when your toxic Ex flew to Paris to get you what your favourite macrons. 

While in all its Gossip Girl 2.0 has been procured to be a disappointment in itself, with the critics acclaiming it to be desperate, creepy and clumsy. The show is entitled to being all too serious, dipped down in the mysteries and the overflow of drama and consistency, which were rectified in the old gossip girl. The loud and the extra extravagance was said to be missing in the new series. 

The latest version played around the dynamics of too much depth with no flare anticipation and fun, and its strategic game plan bounded to be a part of the uptight game of chess.

Know It All About Gossip Girl 

While the original scenics wielded around real estate moguls and old money heiresses as in the white privileged, though perceiving it after a decade, one might consider white enormities to be cliche and tacky, but all in all, it was funny for the white millennials to gush about their petty rich people problems. While the nemesis of Gossip Girl 2.0 breaks barriers of patriarchy while including the Blacks as the lead play. 

It deviates around the black cultural hallmark whilst talking about the lives of two Black sisters, Julian and Zoya, who are considerably half-sisters. While quoting the original show, the series tries to channel each episode with one main event of phenomenal dramatics and tragedies. While the counter pit of the blacks and Afro-indigenous culture is quite refreshing and cultivating the growth of black art is a revelation. 

Though with all its contemporary seclusion, the show lags in the aspects of power and elitism and the hilarious effects of the crazy rich white people and what rich white people do. But with quizzy as an eccentric love triangle in the Tv series, the show drives to be erratically overwhelming with some girl drama, in all attributes to accumulate various notions and perceptions of the society, which counters to be something very fresh to watch.

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gossip girls

Oh..! Wait, did we give too much information? You still haven’t watched the show?

Well, this is the green signal; hurry plug in the drama and facilitate a bouncy drama-filled ride.

Still quizzical about the top-notch gossip girl in town, then we would leave it up to you.

Be aware Lady whistledown knows it all, she has her eyes on you.

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