Resham Kamboj is a certified tarot reader and has dedicated her life to helping people find their positive energy and guide them in the journey of life. Earlier a fashion student, she found her true calling in this field of spirituality and healing. 

In a talk with Storiyaan, Resham talks about various aspects of tarot reading and Reiki. She also opens up about how helping others has enabled her to transform her life and viewpoint. Have a look at this interview to get spiritually charged.



Questions and answers

You initially started as a fashion stylist. How has your journey been from there?

I was into fashion styling and loved this subject. I studied fashion communication from Mumbai and it was my passion but eventually shifted to tarot reading. During the lockdown, I decided to shift my tarot reading online. I was a bit sceptical about it at first but then I realised that it is an energy-based work and it worked out pretty well. My journey after the pandemic has been like a blessing in disguise.

How did you commence your journey towards guiding individuals towards a more positive path of life?

I believe that no matter which tool you’re using, you shouldn’t be dependent on it and should have faith in yourself. Tarot is just a way of predicting and improving your future. The energy around you is what tarot can read. If you work hard enough for the things you want, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting it. 

Angel therapy is a relatively new aspect and most people are not that well aware of it. Could you perhaps tell us a bit about how it works and how people can benefit from it?

Whenever an individual takes birth, you’re assigned two angels. There are different descriptions of angels in religions. They’re sent to the earth to protect you but not many of us know how to call them. I am a mediator so I can call them on the behalf of my clients. I wake the angels to help them, and there’s a distant feeling and energy sent to the client. They come into your life to help you and protect you.

Do you believe in the power of crystal healing, how did you research the effectiveness of the method?

India is a country that produces a lot of crystals but they’re shipped abroad. Crystals should be natural because they have a lot of healing properties in them. Different stones have high vibration and healing frequency. Amethyst is a very popular crystal that helps in getting peace of mind, and success. 

What is your method of dealing with a perpetually disrespectful or sceptical help-seeker and how does this scepticism affect your faith?

I won’t say it has affected my faith but it has triggered my dignity and made me feel low. When I started my page, everyone wanted a free reading, their reason being if I want to help, why not make it for free. We all are surviving in our lives and living off something. This is my full-time profession. I have met people who make me feel guilty because of it but I have learned the hard way that ignorance sometimes is bliss and I am not answerable to everyone.

How has the practice of Reiki affected your perception of the world around you and how do you channel it in your clients?

Reiki is universal energy, which was initially used for healing patients. Certain hospitals still use Reiki for healing. I protect my aura because being in a profession of energy and healing, there will be a lot of clients who have negative energies and I channelize my reiki to protect my energy and sleep to flush out the negativity the next morning.

How do the cards serve as prompts and visual aids in conveying the messages you receive intuitively?

There are 78 cards and every card has a different meaning. It’s not always centred around one meaning. Listening to the question is important; looking at a card and connecting by your intuition and the angels above and being able to infer is the key.

You often hold seminars and courses to help individuals. What is the most fulfilling aspect of illuminating others?

I hold seminars and I think the most beautiful feeling is when students give feedback. They always come back to me for other courses which they would like to take up. I remove the tag of any superstitions. I try to connect and be patient while teaching.

You mentioned that you believe in spirituality more than religion. Most people often take the two to be the same. What is your take on the same?

I would say that in religion, there is spirituality and superstitions. But in spirituality, there is no superstition. Worship any god you want to worship but don’t let the old beliefs hold you back. Don’t let superstitions hold you back. You have to retain logic in your belief system.

How did your inclination towards spirituality help you retain your positivity during the lockdown blues?

Lockdown has been tough for most of us. I was able to help a lot of individuals. I guided them, gave remedies and this motivated me. Being a help to humanity kept me going. This belief helped me get through the blues and also help others to do so.

How does holistic healing differ from clinical remedies and can the latter be a substitute for the former?

No, it can never be a substitute. Holistic healing is very natural but first you should take medical advice from doctors as it can never be replaced. However, it can boost the results as it acts as a catalyst. It will heal you naturally and calm your mind. It depends on the way our emotions work. I always say to my clients that they should stick to whatever their doctor suggests.

Quick 5

The path of spirituality is incomplete without?


Your greatest inspiration?

Mother nature

Any regret you have, looking back?

Not eating healthy

One lesson about tarot that you have taken from your mother?

Give a good amount to all your clients as if you’re taking their pain. 

Describe life coaching in a word?

Like a bath.

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