Rashi Gaur: A Hint of Spirituality

 “Astrology is the science of planets and nakshatras,” shares Rashi Gaur in a conversation with Storiyaan.

Rashi Gaur is an astrologer with more than 15 years of experience of horoscopic study and Vastu Shastra. With her knowledge and expertise she has changed the lives of many and guided them towards their calling.  A Vastu Shastra consultant and practiser of Feng Shui, she has also been invited to several reputed media channels to give guest lectures on Vastu consultancy.

In her latest interview with Storiyaan, Rashi breaks some myths related to astrology; she also familiarises us with Feng Shui and gives us a detailed insight as to how astrology has helped her better herself. Have a look at the interview to learn more about Rashi Gaur and her practice.

Rashi Gaur


Questions and answers

We have all seen the horoscopes in the back of newspapers or magazines, but in your own words – what exactly is astrology and what is the one common wrong notion we have about it?

Astrology is the science of planets and nakshatras. The position of planets, their alignments and conjunctions at the time of one’s birth determines one’s destiny. The one common wrong notion that people have is that they assume that they are ruled by the planets as per their western zodiac sign. Most of the time, the astrological reading that we see in the newspaper is according to the Vedic astrology-ascendant or moon sign, which is different from a person’s western zodiac sign. 

Are some horoscope/astrologers more reliable than others? What should we look for when finding an astrologer or looking online for our quick fix of star signs?

Just the way one doctor is different from the other and not everyone is highly qualified, similarly, one astrologer can be different from the other. It’s about finding the right fit. However, what makes for a good astrologer is an amalgamation of intellect, intuition and in-depth study of Vedic sciences along with experience. 

You have been often invited by many reputed set-ups like Dainik Bhaskar and India Ahead TV. How did you get your first break before the screen and how was the experience?

I have always believed in sharing my wisdom for the greater good. Ever since I learnt these sciences, I have been keen on sharing this knowledge to bring about a change. Every person happier is an accomplishment that brings me joy. My first TV break was with India Ahead TV. I was approached by the channel as they were keen on doing shows on Vastu. The experience was wonderful and it got me in touch with some more wonderful people adding to my experience and wisdom. 

Tell us about your first acquaintance with astrology and how have you been guided beyond this tool to assist in spiritual growth?

Although I have been practising Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui for over 15 years now, about 5-7 years ago, I went through a difficult time in my life, seeing some close family members suffer from severe health issues. This intense phase in my life made me wonder if there was a divine knowledge that existed that could guide me. That’s when I began exploring astrology and discovered that there exists an energy that is above us. Not only did astrology answer my questions about pain and karma, but it also brought me closer to my spiritual side and gave me solutions and solace. 

What is the basic difference between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui? Can the principles of both these theories be applied to one's home and workplace?

Both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra are the science of space. Vastu Shastra concerns itself with the 5 elements of space, paying a lot of attention to the placement of the entrance, the bathroom and the kitchen and also paying special attention to Satvik zones such as Northeast, North and East. Feng Shui, although similar to Vastu Shastra, is less rigid in approach. It puts a special emphasis on the energy that is free-flowing just like wind and water.

Can you relate to us one of those times when your knowledge of numerology had been able to help someone come out of their dark times?

I can recall this lady who had recently transitioned from a corporate job to being self-employed. Although talented, things weren’t going well for her. I added the total of the alphabets of the name of her business venture and her business phone number. The result was not auspicious. I immediately asked her to tweak the name of her venture and made her change her business phone number as well. Her life transformed after that. Success came her way and there was no looking back.

Working before the camera requires a lot of confidence and eloquence. Was this flair innate in you or was it something that you cultivated over time?

I have always been extremely fond of getting on the stage, public forums and meeting people. Even as a kid, stage fright never existed and debating and elocution gave me immense joy. Now with my knowledge of astrology, I have learnt that Jupiter, the planet of knowledge and wisdom, Mercury, the planet of communication and Venus, the planet of creativity and art are suitably placed in my chart and that is the reason perhaps that this confidence comes naturally and is organic to my existence. 

What in your opinion accounts for a successful session with your clients and what is your methodology of dealing with sceptics?

I always begin my sessions by patiently hearing out my clients because that is the first step towards understanding their predicament. Following that, I work on their anxiety, to help them feel calm, gradually guiding them from darkness towards light. Rather than pointing towards the flaws and the problems that exist, I focus on providing solutions. To deal with sceptics, I simply ask them to follow my advice for three months because through my experience I know that when remedies are done right, three months is a good time to experience noticeable changes.

In most cases, we have seen in the Indian society that astrology and numerology are fields that are mostly male-dominated. What are the obstacles that you had to overcome to establish yourself?

I think proving one’s worth is more or less gender-neutral. One constantly needs to put in efforts to survive in this competitive world. I continue to spend hours reading and researching. I only believe in one thing that my clients should feel and see tangible improvements in their lives. I believe success has nothing to do with one’s gender but more to do with the effort you are willing to put in, your knowledge and experience.

As someone who has published over 200 articles, how have you come to acknowledge the benefits of the digital platform for the spread of your work?

I believe that digital platform is a boon for millions of people. It has enabled people to find work, showcase their talent, become influencers, impart knowledge and much more. Additionally, through the digital platform, people can reach out to a larger audience and can build a direct connection with them.

Having been a consultant for 15 years, has astrology and people’s belief systems evolved over time?

I would say that people’s belief is personal to them. While some of them have a lot of faith in this science, some won’t take a step without seeing the panchang and some are complete non-believers. This scenario has always existed. However, I am not here to change anyone’s belief system. I am just here to help those who wish to reach out 

Quick 5

a. Do you implement all the principles of Vastu as your own home?: Yes, just as a mother nurturing her children. 

b. How long did it take you to learn and master Fengshui?”: The day you think you have mastered anything is the day you stop growing.

c. Astrology often gets a bad rep because of some pretenders. One piece of advice on how to distinguish the real from the fake?: Read, Research, Review. 

d. One work ethic you always abide by?: Dedication

e. Numerology- A science or a gift?: A science that comes in the form of a divine gift.

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