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Ranjana Tripathi: Connecting to the divinity within

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Ranjana Tripathi, “It struck me after that all those years of education and working I was left with nothing valuable. And it took me years of working on myself to understand the importance of knowing and loving yourself in all conditions.”

Ranjana Tripathi is a Spiritual and Transformational Coach who left her well-paid job to pursue her aim of elevating others. Today, Ranjana has addressed the lives of over 10k happy clients online who have found personal development, a higher spiritual self and a key guiding mentor in Ranjana. Furthermore, she is a Certified ICF US Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and the Author of “Life Unplugged”.  Discover how Ranjana found victory through the maze of ups and downs in this freewheeling conversation with Storiyaan.

Ranjana Tripathi

Ranjana Tripathi: Connecting to the divinity within


Questions and answers

What struck you one day to follow your passion for empowering and elevating others' lives?

After 10 years of a corporate job, I had to leave my job for nurturing my son and being in the nuclear family, there was no such support behind. During the sabbatical the phase was pretty tough and I was unsatisfied with myself and felt no value or worth. Besides, through communication with colleagues, I came to know how common this feeling is. This made me explore alternate healing techniques to heal myself as I started feeling low. And eventually, I knew that my purpose was to first elevate myself and elevate others from the materialistic mindset that is instilled in us.

What were the major challenges you had to overcome in your life to be where you are today?

Leaving a well-paid job without additional financial security puts you in a monetary challenge. I was dependent on my husband during my initial coaching days. Moreover, people often believe coaching should be a free service as the benefits are intangible. And lastly, I was a mother then of a young child who needed adequate time and attention back when I was starting.

Being a transformation coach, what are the major issues you see these days that people are facing mostly?

One of the major issues that I notice today is the rapid increase in depression and related mental illnesses. But along with this people are also apprehensive about discovering their trauma and prefer to hide it. Hence, the lack of awareness about mental health, emotional trauma is a bigger problem.

You help people find a purpose in their life and to work it out, but often it takes a long time to figure this out. In such cases how do you have the client’s faith, especially if they are skeptical?

The first step I take in regards to any client is to bring in a trust factor and I check whether they are willing to do so. When I recognize that the client wants a transformation but is skeptical, patience is a must. I help them ease up, analyze their vision and acknowledge the result they desire. Eventually, I work around their doubts and queries.

What are the ways and options you can be reached by someone interested in changing their lives under your guidance and help?

Anybody can reach out to me via email and phone number, both of which are mentioned on my website. Additionally, I am also active on social media platforms.

You have also written a book, named “Life Unplugged”. Elucidate what the readers can expect from this book.

The book is a diary of unplugging the life of the author and discussing all the blockages that she faced since a young age, marriage and professional life. It explicitly talks about her journey from the lows, challenges to the road uphill.

Thus, I sincerely believe it will be a breezy and insightful read for anyone who is stuck in life, lacks motivation or fears to work on themselves.

What is the mantra in your life that has kept you motivated through the tough times and what would be your piece of advice to the ones reading this interview?

The mantra is to always keep doing good karma. My suggestion to people is that it takes a fraction of a second for your life to change so even if you are in a challenging situation today, start by working on yourself and the results will come soon after.

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