Ramzi Najjar

Ramzi Najjar: The You Beyond You

Ramzi Najjar, anyone can easily become a better person by watching his actions and consciously choosing what to implement in his life and what to keep out. 

Few people lay down the path towards self-discovery and fewer dedicate themselves towards dispelling their acquired treasury of knowledge in easily accessible books. Know from Ramzi Najjar how he has done just that. 

A Bestselling and Award-winning Author of two seminal books, namely, “The YOU Beyond You” and “The Ultimate Human Secrets”; Ramzi affirms that he has never raved about the success of his works. His first book was born out of the pages of his diary when he realized how the world could benefit from his trials and tribulations. Besides, he is also juggling his work for his insurance company “Securita”, along with dispelling the gospels about the human self.

Ramzi Najjar

Ramzi Najjar: The You Beyond You


Questions and answers

You mentioned that “The YOU beyond you” was not intended for publication and it was the aftermath of the pandemic that changed your mind. How did you feel about the response that you received for the book?

Yes, indeed, the book was never intended for publication. The response was beyond my imagination. However, it was never about the reach but the scope. My main objective was to share this gathered information with the world at large and not just confine it to myself.

War changes people in strange manners. How do you think it changes a writer?

A writer much like others finds war disturbing. The only difference is that a writer weaves his experience into words to enhance other’s life and understanding. War was the door that led me to start studying humans and analyze their actions and try to understand their behaviours.

Tell us what’s the tale behind the title of “The YOU Beyond You” and how you decided upon it.

It was rather organic as I always believe that one can change – provided they choose so. Thus, what we “are” can become what we “opt to be” at any moment by consciously choosing to be it.

It was mentioned that you ‘realized the importance of “Accumulation” in life at an early age and that everything either associates to form a more significant entity or dissociates to vanish in reality.’ Can you elaborate a bit on this?

Briefly speaking, everything that makes you “you” is the product of your accumulation which is known as gaining knowledge. It is made possible by the dissociation of matter from other entities. This is induced by the nature of reality that we live in, which is formed by memory particles which are the building blocks of everything.

Tell us a bit about your tryst with spirituality and the very foundation of it that forms your belief system.

Spirituality, as I discovered is letting out all the unwanted and negative thoughts and feelings off your shoulder. Once you start filtering your ideas and allow yourself to be influenced by only the pure and positive, you will discover a spiritual self.

Do you believe that the success of your first book turned out to be an inspiration for publishing your second one?

No, as I intend to share the knowledge before anything else. My second book is the natural result of publishing my first book as it explains more in depths the dynamics I talk about in “The YOU beyond you”.

No, as I intend to share the knowledge before anything else. My second book is the natural result of publishing my first book as it explains more in depths the dynamics I talk about in “The YOU beyond you”.

I have spent the lockdowns writing more than reading, as what I am writing about is a bit complex and needs my full concentration to try to get it to people in an understandable manner.

Do you believe to have undergone a self-metamorphosis as you penned the second book? If yes, in what aspects?

The metamorphosis came way before writing this book and over a long period. The books are a summary and explanation of what has been occurring and my analysis about what is life and how we dwell on it.

Tell us about the most challenging phase of getting your book published. Could you add a tip for new writers who are planning to publish their debut manuscripts?

I was completely unaware of the publishing industry which was a challenge but I never succumb to them. As a result, I decided to self-publish my book after gathering adequate knowledge about the industry.

My tip is that if there’s a will, there’s a way. Take a challenge sportingly and see how things unfold.

How do you manage to strike a perfect balance between two professions?

I feel we tend to make excuses for our unproductivity. During the pandemic, I discovered that I was never really busy as I was wasting much of my leisure hours in unproductive areas. In addition, conviction and perseverance have kept me invested in all my professions.

Quick 5

1. Your favourite author – No one in specific

2. Your top 3 favourite books – None as all are great in their ways

3. One genre of writing you detest – None

4. One skill that makes a creative genius – Knowing that you can never know enough

5. Your daily mantra – Go with the flow and stop nagging.

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