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Rajeshwari Subhramaniyan – The Clutch Queen

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Rajeshwari Subhramaniyan

Rajeshwari Subhramaniyan - The Clutch Queen

Rajeshwari Subhramaniyan says, “6 months into my first job, I knew it wasn’t my thing. So, I decided to quit. I always wanted to venture into bridal fashion, and finally, I felt it was the right time to do so. But, turning this dream into reality was quite a rocky road. I had no capital, no experience, no connections. Every course that I wished to learn was costing me lakhs. Even my parents were a bit skeptical in the start.

So, I started from scratch and decided to self-learn. During my research, I came across this hand embroidery course that fascinated me. Within no time, I mastered the art and started embedding it on different products. And it was during this trial and error when I came across my signature product – clutches.

Soon, I started endorsing my products on various platforms. There was no group, I didn’t promote. And after so much hustle, there’d be no response on most days. But, I assured myself that it would surpass and kept at it. Finally, after 6 months of being ‘seen zoned’, I got my first client. She was from Singapore and after receiving the package she wrote back to me ‘I loved the clutch. It was just as I imagined it to be.’

To others, it’d just be a normal complement. But, to me, it was all the push I needed to grow my business in leaps and bounds. And just within months, we went from selling 1 bag in months to 40+ bags in a single day.

Once a reseller messaged me saying ‘I resold your clutch and earned Rs. 50,000 from it. I can’t thank your skills enough’. All these days, I wished that my clutches enhanced my client’s looks. But to enhance their life through it was a whole new feeling. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

But then, COVID happened. All the karigars left for their hometowns. I was left alone. It felt like I was back to square one. And to top that, I had my pregnancy. But, my husband was my constant support throughout and didn’t let me give up.

This business gave me recognition when everyone else refused to. I know it’s going to be a rocky road yet again. But you know what they say – Never underestimate a woman with a bag. She’s got a solution for everything in there. Here I come, yet again!”

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