Raj Patil: Quarantine is A boon!

Quarantine- A boon!

This year, the pandemic had brought a never-ending series of lockdowns, and I am one such person who cannot sit idle. I thought of exploring something new by making videos on Instagram. The thought was very random, and hence my actions were not pre-planned. One of my friends suggested that I start writing blogs on fashion; however being a lousy writer, I thought it wouldn’t be a good idea. I decided to make Instagram videos about fashion and lifestyle.

Every evening when my parents used to go out for a walk, I used to use that time to shoot the videos with basic equipment types. My first tease video about the work got several good responses, so I finally got motivated to start working on them and making productive use of the lockdown.

I am studying business management, and hence it would be correct to say that I had no formal education in this field. But slowly, I also got into writing blogs about fashion as I was enjoying my work.

I do most of these things secretly, as my parents are quite strict, and I was not sure whether they would accept it.

My motivation to start something of this sort came from the desire to burst the ‘judgmental myths’ about fashion. My videos revolve around how one can dress in a presentable yet aesthetically pleasing manner. Initially, I got feedback that my videos describe too basic dressing and fashion styles. Yet, I continued making videos as I feel- Fashion is not about adorning yourself with accessories, but it is about how you carry yourself!

Along with my studies, I want to pursue this too. My dream is to become a public media figure and try out modeling. Recently a few days ago accidentally my parents got to know about my work and to my surprise they appreciated me and told me to take it further.

In the lockdown, I also regularly worked out to keep myself fit and healthy and, at the same time, to keep myself away from the negative thoughts that quarantine brings with it in people’s life. But thanks to the lockdown, I started exploring the hidden potential and parts of me!

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