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Rachna Mehra: Clarifying Life

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Rachna Mehra is a Theta Healer who is letting people unpack their troubled lives and take back bountiful joy and happiness. With a motto of “Live in awareness of oneness and not judgement”, she has catapulted the lives of several into the direction of self-preservation.

Admiringly called the game-changer, she is also a Spiritual Stylist based in New Delhi . Her services of leadership-building, motivation and re-innovation of the self have been recognized by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and she has been honored with the prestigious “Among 100 Women Achievers of India” by the Hon. President of India.

Discover the fundamentals of happy living, her vision and more in this freewheeling chat we shared with Rachna.

Rachna Mehra


Questions and answers

Tell us about your first encounter with the world of Theta healing?

I have always wanted to drive deeper into the right way to learn and receive satisfaction from the universe. That’s when; I stumbled upon Theta healing, founded by Vianna Stibal. When my sessions with her brought inexplicable joy, I decided to pursue it further.

Can you tell us about one of your clientele experiences where Theta healing has brought about a life-altering course into a person’s life?

One of my students was a cancer patient; doctors told her that she couldn’t have a baby. But with the help of my modality, she had new found faith, positivity and trust in the Higher power. Subsequently, she was blessed with a beautiful boy though she passed away a year later.

What kind of research and studies were involved in the mastering of the knowledge of Theta Healing?

I have studied 16 levels and more as the practitioner’s as well as the teacher’s course. When I was learning the basic and advanced manifestation practitioner courses, I wanted to pursue the teacher’s course as well. I trusted my instincts and mastered the teacher’s course along the way.

As a spiritual stylist, what is one of the most common misconceptions people have had about your job?

The most common misconception that people have about spiritual stylists is that it is free of charge. As our work is God’s work, they want us to have no charging fees. However, they refuse to understand that we invest substantial time, value and experience in helping them in their healing journeys.

To which section of people do you most recommend Theta Healing and why?

My recommendations are usually in-person. If you have void of unfulfilled desires or lack purpose or hope, I recommend you to seek help and join in spiritual revelations.

Can you tell us the events that led to your achievement of the Among 100 Women Achievers of India by Hon. President of India and Ministry of Women and Child Development India?

My Three E program – ‘Education, Experience, and Enlightenment’ successfully brought back joy and happiness in people. My creative healing transformed 100’s of women and children worldwide and my specific talks on meditation inspired people to join us in spiritual awakening which led to this achievement.

You have held both workshops and individual sessions on self-help. Which of the two do you enjoy practising more and what benefits does each of them have over the other?

They are both equally effective in their way. When people join the workshop they learn to harness their psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. In the individual sessions, we make an environment that brings an emotional and spiritual shift that expands the horizons of your mind on a personal level.

You believe that “Mastering Life Energy is Mastering Life” Could you perhaps elaborate a bit on that?

Yes, sure. People have high or low-frequency energies, which makes or breaks life. When you master your life energies you connect with the Creator and can discover the true purpose of your life.

What are some of the risks of this form of healing and what can be the sideeffects if any?

We focus on bringing solutions to our client’s problems. Our sessions act as guidance to discover the hidden potential and self. Hence,when performed by trained professionals, there are no risks whatsoever.

Do you believe Theta healing can be taken as an alternative to medical treatments?

It is very important to clarify that we may not be able to promise any results and if someone is suffering from psychological or physical ailments. We would not suggest any variation in medications and do not interfere in a medical treatment procedure. Our sessions focus strictly on bringing healing through spiritual wellness.

Quick 5

  1. Spirituality and Religion go hand in hand – true or false? True
  1. One misconception people have regarding spiritual healing? Mistrust in themselves and their healing process. 
  1. The source of your optimism – Belief in God
  1. Your daily mantra – I am plenty in all ways
  1. The biggest benefit of TH – Aids perfection.

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