Mehak Mehra-Q & A session

Mehak Mehra is an Emcee! She can act, she can eat (and look good while eating!)and is an avid, passionate and somewhat a professional traveler!

She has worked with Girliyapa, AskMenIndia, EatTreat but very notably, she takes the audience of LIT on YouTube with her on her glorious adventures around India. Would you like to join her as well?

Then take a look and be part of her own journey along with Storiyaan by getting to know the very best, Mehak Mehra!


Questions and answers

Your Instagram Bio says that you travel. Do you like to travel a lot? Is there a place that you'd fly to without a second thought for a vacation?

I love to travel. To discover oneself, it is vital, and the journey is fun at the same time. Because of this, I hosted a travel show called Tripping with Rusk Media. Talking to strangers and hearing their stories is quite interesting in my perspective. I love stories, and traveling provides me with enough of it. I am a mountain person, and my favorite place is Kheerganga. It’s so peaceful there.

You recently appeared in a few TV Ads. How does it feel to see your face on the small screen for the first time?

Ecstatic! I feel euphoric to appear on TV. I’ve always wanted to see myself on the small screen and have finally reached there.

Who'd be your dream cast on a film set?

I dream of working with Ranbir Kapoor and Pankaj Tripathi. One day, I’ll make that dream metamorphose into reality. 

Apart from checking out your acting, we've also noticed that you've written several stories and captions. Are you a closeted writer?

I love to write, but I don’t publicize as much. I practice writing because it is easier to express that way.

What do you do when you're not working?

Either I would be working, or I’m a lazy Panda. I sleep, nap, eat, and repeat.

Mehak, imagine you have a shoot scheduled. Take us through your work before shooting for the camera.

I come from a theatre background. There are specific voice exercises that I like to practice before the camera rolls. I make sure I am in my character and go with the flow. The idea is to remain real and true to your emotions.

Can you tell us about the difference in work in a Web Series compared to TV?

The built-in audiences create a word-of-mouth hype. They create extremely peculiar and specific moods. For artists, it weaves a new place to showcase their talent as it’s a place for everyone with talent.

Your Instagram feed shows you in multiple trendy outfits. What trends do you follow, and do you have a beauty tip for young women?

I love shopping, and I’m sure every woman will resonate with this. If I am bored and have nothing to do, I’ll browse online shopping sites and choose what I like and what compliments my body type. Ethnic wear is my favorite. Follow your heart and wear whatever you like. Stay real and slay well!

Who is your inspiration in both reel and real life?

My grandfather has been my true inspiration. There are many behind the reels, but I admire Imtiaz Ali, Christopher Nolan, Hugh Jackman, Dev Anand, Kishore Kumar, and Madhubala. 

What is the one message you'd like to give to budding actors like you?

I haven’t achieved a lot to give out messages yet, but I practice one thing that I learned from my grandfather. I try to be true to myself and believe in the magic of my art.

What would you do if you didn't act?


To end this, everyone has their lows and highs. What is your mantra to keep going?

I’d like to believe that I am a positive person. Patience is a great virtue, and so I don’t give up too easily. And the world is in favor of a stubborn heart.

Quick 5

Travel Planning-  Before planning, I research well before going on a trip. In Tripping with Rusk Media, we are a team that knows what to capture, and the rest is history, haha! 

Travel Style–  Keep it cool and casual. The lesser the luggage is, the better the trip. As one rightly said, leave your baggage behind.  

Must Pack Items on a Trip–  A good pair of headphones and an exciting playlist, windcheater, if you are planning a trip to the hills and a good pair of shoes. Oh, and a book too!  

Best food for a road trip–  Protein bars, crackers, wafers, and chocolates. 

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