5 Min Bit With Priyanka Singh Sankhla

When the pandemic wreaked unimaginable havoc and we found ourselves locked in our homes, getting lost in the gloom and awry, Priyanka Singh Sankhla hopped on to the journey of establishing her pet project “House of NiLa” and creating a means of occupation for countless skilled handicraftsmen. At “House of NiLa” she deals with carving, engraving, and cutting of all types of wood and sculpting them into stunning art pieces.

Apart from curating and attending to the creation of extravagant woodwork, she is also the proprietor of Monarch (Lasers and Engravers) and a former counsellor. Know more about Priyanka and her out-of-the-box thinking in this cozy interview with Storiyaan.

Priyanka Singh Sankhla


Questions and answers

As a founder of “House of Nila”, what was the most taxing phase of your journey, and what were the most important lessons you learned from those experiences?

Starting my business during the pandemic was surely challenging; as a novice, the fear of the unknown surely hit harder than the conceptualization of accomplishment. Valuing your team who is consistently reinventing and creating something apropos of and the importance of patience and time is some of the lessons I take forward.

You have to deal with a lot of customers who have a varied taste. What are the processes you go through to reach the customers’ satisfaction, keeping in mind the minute intricacies of the work?

Customers are primarily concerned about two things – product quality and good communication. The remarkable quality of the product, comparatively low prices, exclusive handiwork and staying updated with what’s trending, surely keeps us coeval with the customers.

From drafting, intricate detailing, minute attributes to the finishing of the products; every minute of speculation is required to maintain the standard of the work. It must be very daunting for you on some days. What do you do to overcome those rough days and who has been your inspiration?

Persistence, love for my work and appreciation for the journey has helped me overcome the rough days when giving up seemed easier.

My parents have always been my pillar of strength, a major source of inspiration as they taught me to have an indomitable spirit.

You have come with the idea of opening NILA during the lockdown as the country was facing the covid-19 pandemic. Would you say that the lockdown acted as a boon that provided you with the opportunity to explore your love to come up with something new?

Although the lockdown gave us the time to ponder over our decisions and actions, it came along with anxiety and an unprecedented gloom; we had to dig deep in search of hope. So, calling covid a boon would not be justifiable but it did play a vital role in implementing my project.

Could you elaborate on your research methodology when it comes to designing a product for your brand to keep up the good work?

The dedicated team of HON, who is the backbone of my venture, is consistently working with the concept, visual flow, contrast and practicality of the product. The design process is intuitive, experimental and non-conscious, in short, an explicit affair.

What has been the fascinating aspect of your personal growth that you have achieved since the time you have embarked on your entrepreneurial journey?

Being an entrepreneur was itself a life-changing experience. It is a mental attitude to foresee risk and uncertainty to achieve goals both personally and professionally. One exhibits a sense of confidence that reflects in the actions/communication. Precisely, you learn about yourself and the future that you can create.

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