Locks of Hair and Love

Locks of Hair and Love: Priyanka Mehta

A mother knows best, and a mother does her best. She is the very cradle from which ‘Maa’s secret’ came to see the light. Ever since childhood, I was pampered with homemade hair oils made by my Mumma. I was always fascinated with self-care products, so I kind of always had a dream of creating my own in the back of my head.

Before my breakthrough, I was an interior designer, but unfortunately had to leave the job due to unforeseen health problems. Being unemployed for 2 years took a toll on me, and I felt depression creeping up on me.

In those days, I relied on nostalgia to cope. Remembering those hair oil massages, I received from my mother, seemed to wash away my sorrows. It was then when I took the leap of launching my own company and enter a new phase of my life.

I started advertising my only product at the time, hair oil, through Instagram. I was new in the world of entrepreneurship which initially made things difficult for me.  Some of my peers definitely second guessed my commitment and they made sure it was known. Therefore, these clouds of doubts and criticism were always looming around.

Eventually, with endless resolve and tireless hard work, I have successfully established ‘Maa’s secret’ in the eyes of the people now. It feels great to be living the reality that I could only dream of. In order to achieve this feat, I made some additions to my products which are face bars, shampoos, conditioners and many more which are yet to arrive. It has provided me with a sense of fulfilment. And no, I do not want to stop here, I want to expand this company further, and I feel that it hasn’t reached the summit yet.

There is a word of advice that I’d like to send out to other female entrepreneurs. There may be 99 reasons to not go for what you want but believe in that one single reason why you should. If you have dared to dream it, dare to do it.

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