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5 Min Bit with Priyanka D. Ajgaonkar

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Identifying a need to enrich the Parent-child relationship, Priyanka D. Ajgaonkar is the first person to start Sign Language sessions for Mothers and Children in India. Priyanka D. Ajgaonkar has a certification from the British Council for Complementary Therapies which has allowed her to enter the BCCT’s Directory of Practitioners.

Today, Priyanka D. Ajgaonkar has helped rekindle countless familial relationships and is consistently working towards bringing awareness about the importance of acknowledging the needs of our children. She was recently awarded “The India Iconic Education Award” and got global recognition with an interview by Momnyficients. Know more about the benign Priyanka D. Ajgaonkar who is making this world a better place in this engaging interview with Storiyaan.

Priyanka D. Ajgaonkar


Questions and answers

Tell us about your journey with sign- language and what led to your decision of learning it in the first place?

When I came across the concept of sign language, I was very intrigued as it was unique and different. That is when I decided to learn sign language and understand the entire concept and its functioning.

In an attempt to remain ahead in the employment rat race, a lot of people tend to pay much heed to the creative development of the child. How does “Function Junction” aim at encouraging creative development and how does it impact their motor skills?

I ensure that I bring creativity and innovation to always help the children stay engaged. The five senses and mind can work together to enhance our creative streak and we at “Function Junction” use various activities to ensure that children use their innate talent and improve their motor skills.

When did you first realize the need for a strong parent-child bond and what are the events that led to the conception for “Function Junction”?

A friend’s child was having difficulty expressing and communicating openly with his parents. As a result, there was a huge miscommunication and lack of knowledge on both ends, so, I decided to teach sign language to the parents to help them overcome the speech-related barriers.

Children with special needs suffer intense insecurity and social prejudice. What according to you lies at the core and how to rectify it?

The core reason behind the intense insecurity and social prejudice is the stigma associated with deformities and impairments. To rectify and help young minds feel better about themselves, we need to treasure the specific needs and requirements of our children and help them in building their self-confidence and boost their morale.

You teach Sign Language to Pet Owners of deaf dogs which is a very new concept. Can you share more light on this?

Dogs have an amazing ability to learn sign language and this approach helps your dog assign meaning to the hand sign much faster and also fosters an inclusive and loving environment in your home. It opens them up to a world of inclusive communication and builds a bona fide friendship with the dog owner.

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