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5 Min Bit with Prerna Suryawanshi

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Not everyone can come to terms with accepting the drool-worthy star-studded lives of celebrities has made many of us want to be an actor. While most of those plans have fallen through, we still enjoy a little film gossip now and then. Meet Prerna Suryawanshi; an entrepreneur, Celebrity Manager, PR agent, and Social Media Strategist who is creating the captivating life of film actors that we are hooked to.

Having been a part of the industry for over seven years, her forte lies in not only Celebrity Management but also Digital Marketing and Casting Department. Prerna Suryawanshi has been working with the leading production houses and has worked with over 30 celebrities. Read more to discover behind the scenes of the movie industry and the life of PR Strategist Prerna Suryawanshi in this candid interview with Storiyaan.

Prerna Suryawanshi


Questions and answers

What would you call the saga that drew you towards a life in the spotlight?

Having a background in Mass media, I have always been fictive and inventive. After working for an Ad agency and in the PR, I wanted to explore a pursuit that would interest me and as soon as I got an opportunity to work in the entertainment industry I took it up along my way.

Tell us about your first big break into the industry and how did you come by this gig?

I started up with my first movie that was a multi-starrer blockbuster which happened to become my big break. As a result, I got an opportunity to work with the top celebrities in the Marathi film industry, and with time I lend a hand to them and developed their social media presence along with a larger public image as a part of PR.

You have handled over 30 Marathi celebrities over time. Can you relate to us some of the most memorable incidents during this period?

There are several incidents but the most memorable one has to be the time a young actor won the ‘Style Icon’ award. We wanted him to stick out among everyone and worked round the clock to strategize his social media and reinvent his style quotient. I can say that one recognition after a consistent effort of two years will always have a special place for me.

Having worked with several production houses, you must have had the chance to study the recurring trends in the entertainment industry over time. Could you tell us a bit about it?

The Marathi film industry lacked any trends or a popular image. Earlier there were no PR teams, Celebrity Manager, stylists, or Social Media teams but today we have managed to bring the celebrities in the limelight with spot events and dedicated teams who are looking after their image. The celebrities have now started taking their social media presence very seriously as it has helped them to reach out to a wider audience and has created a place for movie promotion and engagement.

Having an ample amount of experience in both industries, can you talk to us about the disparities between the Marathi movie industry and Bollywood?

The Marathi film industry is a small but reputable industry, everyone gets their due credits and respect. In this industry, talent is given utmost priority. Marathi actors with theatre backgrounds are also working in Bollywood and a lesser-known fact is they take 1-2 takes instead of 15-20. The media here is also very respectful about the boundaries and personal space of the actors.

Having been the casting director for ‘Malang’, can you provide us with a glimpse of the moments that were most memorable to you and the methodology that you opted for when it came to selecting the cast?

The production house wanted a Marathi actor for one character and I cast a young actor who has bagged another Bollywood film. It makes me extremely proud to know that my casting brought him recognition and is helping him grow. To be honest, the casting process depends on the script; the type of role, the character, age requirements. You need to know who is best suited for the role, conduct auditions, research, and then cast a person, it is actually not that hard as to what it seems.

What are your plans for the future and could you give us a peek at some of the upcoming projects that you are working on?

A lot of my clients are working on various projects and I am organizing a Mega Style Award Show for the Marathi industry. We plan to felicitate the legends of the fashion industry and people who are working ardently for themselves and the industry. Hopefully, the event will be held in December if the situation gets better around us.

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