Preeti Mehta

Preeti Mehta: Spirituality and Glory

“We have been engulfed in dark emotions and negativity since the pandemic. Remember, what begins always has an end. Live, love and laugh once again! Take time out to be kissed by the sun,” quotes Preeti Mehta, a spiritual healer, angel therapist and life coach who felt a calling of the divine to her profession.

Preeti, who was awfully discontented with her previous job as a banker, started to lose faith and enthusiasm until ‘angels’ came to her rescue. She eventually grasped spirituality in 2010 and experienced stability and joy.

Now, Preeti isn’t just a spiritual healer but also a beam of possibility to all her clients, encouraging them to uncover their natural selves through her rituals. Have a look at her chatting about her profession, previous job, childhood and much more in this delightful discussion with Storiyaan.

Preeti Mehta

Preeti Mehta: Spirituality and Glory


Questions and answers

You mentioned that you never had any tendencies in pursuing spiritualism until 'angels' chose to enter your life. Could you please elaborate a bit on that?

In 2010, I came to know about a workshop on angels conducted in Mumbai by a famous healer Charles Virtue for which my friends were very excited about and wanted me to join them but I had no plans of going. However, I got a call the next day that an individual had withdrawn and they had a vacant seat which made me realise that there was a higher power wanting me to attend the workshop. Once it was confirmed, I kept seeing names of archangels, their photos, the number 444 everywhere. This was a divine sign that I was trailing on the right route.

As a holistic counsellor, what is your approach towards undertaking the problems of rather introverted clients?

In such cases, I ensure that my clients aren’t forced to come out of their comfort zone by asking them too many questions. As a healer, I connect with their energies and scan their aura. I also connect with angels and their spirit guides to channel messages for them. 

As an ex-banker, how did this oath of spirituality agree with you in the beginning and what were some major roadblocks you faced?

Initially, when I decided to resign as a banker, people ridiculed me for taking such a drastic step and mocked me for my sixth sense and clairvoyance. Though, I remained unfazed while pursuing my spirituality. Thanks to angels, I soon had clients who were willing to reach out to me even though I had no formal experience in the field.

Tell us about your tryst with spirituality since childhood and when did you discover your spiritual self.

I always believed in God since childhood and would believe that there is a higher power protecting me. I also had realised that there were things about the future of a person I would know somehow. I knew this was not the case for all but I was scared to explore my capacities. I was touched by spirituality before but it was only in 2010 that I fully embraced it.


What do you believe to be the USP that makes you stand out among other holistic counsellors?

I believe it to be how straightforward I am. I never over-promise to my clients or lure them with quick magic solutions. I always tell my clients what they ‘need to hear’ and not what they ‘want to hear’. I don’t sugar-coat and I am honest with them, and expect them to do good karma if they wish to be successful.

You mentioned that your life took a 360-degree turn when you welcomed angels in your life. What were some of the visible positive changes that you experienced?

I experienced peace, happiness and prosperity after I chose this path. I was able to move to my dream house. Moreover, my income increased and I had the time to be with my son and family. It felt that all lethal energies had been flushed out from my life.

What are some of the things your clients should expect from their sessions with you?

Diagnosis of the root cause of their problem and remedies to overcome them. My client sessions are strictly confidential. I never judge them for their actions.

Often, people have many misunderstandings about psychics. What are some myths about it that you have come across?

I have come across some people who think that all healers are frauds and their only job is to cheat people. Also, a very bizarre myth is that healers communicate with spirits all the time and linger at cemeteries.

How can the common people distinguish between a true psychic and a fake one, provided a lot of people have fallen victims to the latter?

A true psychic will tell you up-front whether he or she can help you or not. A true psychic will never make fake promises and will charge fees only that is proportional to the effort put in it. Also, a true psychic will make his/her client realise that there are no instant solutions.

Quick 5

1)  The best part about your job: Helping people and seeing them smile.

2)  One thing you miss about your previous job: My colleagues who were dear friends.

3) The worst kind of client: The ones who keep bargaining on the fee.

4) Your favourite way to blow off stream: Reading/dancing.

5) Your favourite book: Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

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