The Girl Next Door!

The Girl Next Door!

Being a dusky girl in a chauvinist society like ours, is the last thing anybody would want. When everyone around you suggests you on how to look better and attractive, it gives you scars for a lifetime.

I have gone through a lot of self-acceptance issues myself, despite being a national level throwball player and the school topper, I always found it hard to accept myself and felt like I wasn’t enough. I was always bad at acknowledging the compliments I received and often thought that people were fooling around.

But this dusky complexion of mine is what has led to where I am today. I remember my best friend calling me up one day and asking me to audition for an advertising campaign. I was resistant at first thinking that I wasn’t worth watching, but she persuaded me to do it and I eventually went to that interview just to pacify her; with the thought “ki reject toh hona hee hai”.

Little did I know that this campaign to break the “ideal beauty standards” would eventually flip my thought process as well.

I got selected for that project and then started my journey of self -love and there has been no looking back since then Though I got a kick start to my modelling career, things haven’t always been blissful. Even today I get called out for being dusky and often told that I don’t “fit in”.

Contrary to the older me this doesn’t scrutinize me, instead it gives me the motivation to work even harder and become an inspiration to all the dusky guys and girls out there who are constantly doubting themselves.

From an under confident girl who thought that she had no self-worth to a girl who is confident enough to put herself out on camera and desires to change the “beauty notions”; I went through a lot of self-sabotaging issues, and if I managed to sail through it, anybody can. How will somebody else love you, if you yourself can’t. So buckle up buddy because you are awesome just the way you are!

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