5 min bit with Pratik Patil

Pratik Patil is a food blogger and an engineering wannabee. He has left his trails in the sports-arena too.

He has played State-level Football and cricket is also amongst his portfolio. Nevertheless he is an International Karate player and has secured Gold and Bronze medals on a National level. Even so he is into biking and treking. Read his exclusive 5 min bit with Team Storiyaan and come to know more about the all-rounder.

Pratik Patil


Questions and answers

What role does food and music play in your life?

Music plays a vital role in fixing my mood. When I have to work on something, I start by humming my favorite songs and then pen down my ideas. Music provides me with creative ideas and thoughts. Sometimes, I use it as a means to escape. I find it easier now to express my feelings that I was previously terrible at before. It has also helped me to improve my listening and understanding ability.

Coming to food, I feel it holds an intrinsic connection to a person’s mental well-being. I came across many cultures and cuisines after becoming an influencer. When I was into fitness, I had zero knowledge about all this protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and many more. After I started researching this, I read more and more articles about the importance of diet.

A proper diet helped me in managing my fitness as well as my cravings. I have also learned to share food through food blogging, even if its a small portion of any dish. I got to know the difference between food and nutrition. People tend to use these terms synonymously. Sometimes, people neglect diet when in stress and depression, but the fun fact is the same food helps you to relieve stress. I also tend to eat more when I’m unhappy or annoyed. I guess you can say that the role of food in my life is apparent.

Name three cuisines that are your favorite.

I love Indian cuisine, followed by Chinese and Mexican. Indian food is much easier to make than other cuisines and feels heavenly. Chinese food is rich in variety and full of colors. I mean, it’s not only the tastes that enliven you, but also it’s aesthetic.
India is full of curious gourmets who cook Chinese with a fusion of Indian spices and flavors. Mexican cuisine can be flavorful and healthy at the same time. They like to work out with the dressing and sauce. Since I’m more of a spicy person, Mexican is my go-to choice.

Did you ever think of being this successful at blogging when you started?

 You can say that I have reached somewhere I’d never dreamt of before. I’m more interested in the quality of the content than in the numbers, which is why it took me a long while to reach 10k on Instagram. Usually, I come across people who are worried about likes and comments.

When I create content, I keep in mind that it is value for money. I make sure that people won’t regret visiting a food corner, and it is convenient for everyone. I owe my success to my followers, who are like a second family and to my fellow bloggers, supporting my journey. For me, success is when people recognize you by your content, which automatically creates your face value.

If I’m about to write on something or speaking up for a cause, I do it with utmost responsibility.

Do you try out exciting dishes that you come across in restaurants when you go for reviews?

Yes, some of them are a show-stealer. Be it unique presentation or fusions with basic ingredients, I try out everything. I have tried almost everything. If I come across any dish I haven’t heard of before, I make sure I taste it or ask fellow bloggers if they have any knowledge about this particular dish. I also make it a point to do enough research on various platforms on that specific dish. Once I’m home, I recall all the ingredients I could taste while writing down the reviews, which helps me remember things.

Have you had the chance to learn from all the mistakes you've made in the past?

When I started the page, I would take photography trivially and would receive criticism in the comments section. In the initial phase, I expected a lot and only got disappointment in return. One should let their content do the magic. Never post anything without proper research. Remember, there are people out there who are ready to take you down.

I started with Moto G4 plus and iPod I used to click great pictures with minimal editing. Throughout time, I’ve learned a lot.

What can we expect from Pratik Patil in the future?

Currently, I’m working on posts related to food and fitness. Soon, I’ll be publishing my poems and plan to write a travelogue at the same time. After this lockdown, I’ll make sure to travel to different places and explore with all my heart. That will help me in guiding people. Anyone can join in for trek, long rides. I’m also looking forward to having an Instagram verification batch.

What advice would you like to give to people who want to start blogging?

For newbies, I have a few essential tips that will help them to grow. Here we go!

• Come up with unique ideas.

• Know your audience.

• Study more about the platform, be it Facebook or Instagram as it boosts your morale.

• Work on your content.

• Be open to criticism.

• Engage with your followers, don’t ignore them.

And the most important tip of all- Don’t bite the hands that feed you.

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