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Writing to make a difference!

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Writing to make a difference: Praneet Rana

Writing to make a difference! A survivor of ovarian tumour, which put a pause on my education and social life. My physical health put a massive toll on my mental health. I started battling anxiety and depression. That is when writing became my companion. I showed it to my friends and family and they urged me to keep writing. Nature k pass baithkar, usey feel karna and then writing my heart out was the routine of the day. Even when I could not think of anything to write, I would pick up the pen and scribble ideas which I would later develop and that was how I overcame writer’s block. Sometimes we have to speak our hearts and mind out, and the only way we can do so is by using our voice. Not many people like to hear us out, but imagine even one person is hearing us out, we have changed two lives. Ours and theirs. One day I decided that I want to turn my poems into a book. Aur fir kya tha? Book publishing companies and websites ki khoj shuru! Finally, I could publish my own book. It was a dream I desired to catch. As a Punjabi girl living in New Zealand, I have encountered sexual harassment, bullying and and conservative practices inside the house. I knew I had to take a stand. My first book ‘The Delicacy of a Rose’, encompasses poems that speak about my own experiences and that speak about har uss larki ki zubani jiski awaz logo tak nai pohochi. It is a book for young adults and an entire generation that is dealing with these issues. My inspiration was my elder cousin sister, who battled through life for what she believed in, it sparked that fire in my heart too. When I fell, she was there to pick me up. Her love and endless support is something that will never leave my heart. I have been through a lot, par agar ek chiz life ne mujhe sikhaya hai toh it is to Hold on to close relationships, as they are a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. I strongly believe if you have been given a voice you must use it to make a difference. When you see a woman fall, help her up – when you see her trying to make a fresh start, be there for her; kya pata you find a purpose for your life too! There will be a time when the world will look like a dark pandemonium, but apne mann ke darwaze khol kar dekho, the world will be full of sunshine again. Hamesha apne dil ki suno and chase your dreams – kyunki sapne dekhne ka haq sabko hai.

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