Pranav Bahirwani: Hustle For A Fitter Body

Pranav Bahirwani is a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Lifestyle Consultant based in Hyderabad, India. At the tender age of 24, he is adroit at fitness training and has trained and transformed over 100 individuals including entrepreneurs and CEOs of established companies. Apart from being proficient in all things health, Pranav is a graduate in Business Management.

Today, Pranav is the Youngest Premium Coach in Hyderabad and is an active Bio-optimizer specialising in body re-composition.  Keep reading to know the technical know-how of a healthy lifestyle and Pranav’s journey from “fat to fit” in this conversation with Storiyaan.

Pranav Bahirwani


Questions and answers

You graduated in business management while you also started training people when you were 20. How did you prioritise between the two and find your true calling in the fitness industry?

Personal training was an interest that I wanted to practice for recreation, it was during my application process for ISB, that I realised my ardent fascination with health and fitness. This made me understand how my skill-set matched my interest and I discovered my true calling.

You are the youngest premium coach in Hyderabad. What are some of the unique experiences that came with training well-known businessmen and CEOs?

Training High-Net-worth individuals is an immersive experience. Their health issues although similar to the rest of us, the added responsibility of leadership decisions make it essential for them to enjoy physical and mental well-being. This is why I ensure that they find their necessary fitness and healthy lifestyle and the insight into their work ethics and discipline is a brownie for my personal development.

Can you tell us about the stumbling blocks that you had to overcome in your fitness journey and what was your consistency strategy in attaining your fitness goal?

My lethargy was the biggest stumbling block; I gained weight, became irritable and was ignorant of my health. With a nudge from my dad, I hit the gym and finally overcame the dreamy languor that consumed all my days. My consistency strategy has always been a discipline to exercises, a vow to a healthy diet and a commitment to see a stronger and better self.

In the last four years, you have trained over 100 people. What are some of the strategies that you employ for building rapport with clients or potential clients and how does it help you train them better?

My first strategy is to listen to my client’s needs and expectations, they enter the gym with a certain idea of what kind of fitness or exercise routines suit them, acknowledging and implementing their desired needs along with your expertise becomes essential for a long-term holy-grail fitness strategy. Secondly, I avoid technical jargons that my clients usually don’t understand; they can only practice my advice when they recognize what my information contains.

As a nutritionist and a health enthusiast, in your opinion, what are some of the common misconceptions that you have dealt with regarding this issue?

The list is almost never-ending but some like whey protein is harmful to you, carbs make you fat, weight training will make a woman look manly and training a particular part of the body will make you lose fat in that area faster are a few of the popular ones. Such misconceptions become ingrained in us so it is always advisable to consult a professional.

A lot of fitness coaches promote and encourage the use of steroids to achieve a certain body type quickly. What is your take on that and how can youngsters be made aware of the consequences of this rampant use?

Our obsession with ideal muscular bodies and instant results make us opt for steroids and substances that do not enhance organic fitness rather harm it. The negatives always outweigh the positives and the long term implications can be extremely serious. My advice to youngsters will be to make informed decisions before consuming anything that they are not aware of.

There is a new trend, especially among celebrities, where they forego all forms of dairy and stick to a strict vegan diet. What are some of the pros of such a diet and how practical is it for students and office-goers?

Elimination of any food should only be undertaken as a result of intolerances or allergies, a vegan lifestyle can be justified on ethical grounds but not in terms of a healthier lifestyle as they can lead to a significant drop in energy, muscle loss, weakened immunity, reduced strength and bone density, brain fog, gut dysbiosis and much more. It is not practical if you don’t wish to rely on supplements to fill the nutrient gap.

There is a belief that as one grows older, one has to work out more to achieve one’s fitness goals or to hold on to their shape. How far is this true and what are some of the changes that one needs to make in their diet and lifestyle to remain fit even as they age?

The ageing process can negatively impact your fitness levels  but you can still manage to look younger if you can give your body a combination of weight training, a nutrient-dense diet, adequate sleep and reduced stress levels. Your ageing factors depend on your muscles so work on gaining them when you are still young. Having said that, our body requirements change with age, so, the specific diets and exercises will also have to be altered accordingly.

What would be your advice to those with desk jobs who sit all day long but workout only in the morning and how does a fitness regime help fight burnout?

Despite having a desk job you can still improve your lifestyle by taking periodic breaks, having a standing workstation that boosts energy levels, keeps you focused and can burn up to 80 to 100 additional calories per day, consume coffee generously which improves focus and avoid late-night exposure to electronic screens as they can significantly affect your sleep.

Working out releases endorphins which acts as stress buster; it improves mood and affects our energy levels and sense of well-being which are known to reduce burnout.

With the commencement of the lockdown, and the gyms being shut, people have taken to home-workouts to stay fit. What are some of the common mistakes that people make during home workouts and what are some measures they can take to prevent injury?

One common mistake is the lack of consultation for home work-outs, seek help from a professional coach as it will be more effective and will increase your chances of having a holistic and well-documented work-out and dieting regime. It also reduces your chances of injury especially if you are a beginner.

Quick 5

1. Your favourite form of workout – Strength Training.

2. What do you usually eat right after a workout – a solid meat-based protein-rich meal.

3. What is your favourite cheat meal – I don’t have cheat meals, I have treat meals. It’s usually ice cream.

4. One of the most underrated food when it comes to protein sources – Seafood, fish, and prawns.

5. One international fitness idol that you admire – The Rock (Dwayne Johnson).

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