The economics of self-reliance: Pradeepa Krish

The economics of self-reliance

It’s truly rare to witness a young professional take control of their financial life and career. Well, Pradeepa Krish is a one of a kind individual who truly has a passion for business and her goal to be an entrepreneur one day. She recently founded her page, ‘Analyst to CEO’, through which she aims to inform and educate the masses regarding being in the business and financial industry. She is passionate about encouraging women to break the glass ceiling and provides the youth of today with the mechanisms needed to thrive in the working world.

In a unique interview with Storiyaan, Pradeepa Krish gives us her take on networking, the reason behind launching her page and about her climb to the top.


Questions and answers

Can you give us a brief on the reason behind launching 'Analyst to CEO'?

I’ve always had a passion for teaching and sharing my experiences with people. Through the nonprofit organization I founded, I teach excel workshops and college readiness seminars at local libraries. I wanted to be able to share my business journey and highlight the careers of other young professionals through a wider platform. During this quarantine, I’ve had time to reflect on my career and there is a lot I wish I had known about business back in college and things I’m still learning today. I think a lot of young professionals can really benefit from the tips and stories shared on this page.

Why do you think there has been a transformation, from negative to positive in the way 'networking' is perceived?

Networking is something that always felt like a very intimidating part of career development; something meant for very extroverted, outgoing people. This is definitely not true; the power of one on one coffee chats and just taking the initiative of reaching out, really taught me to be bold when I interacted with people.

How did you succeed in your job hunt during these unprecedented times?

A job search is most successful when you treat it as a full-time job itself. Putting in 20-30 hours a week on perfecting your resume, applying, networking, interviewing, can be mentally draining. The key is persistence and sticking to the dedicated times for working on the job search process. Although we are in unprecedented times, take advantage of interview prepping from home, there is definitely convenience and flexibility in scheduling interviews and coffee chats. Being in the office, it would be harder to juggle these activities. People are also more willing to jump on a quick call for 20-30 mins during this time, so utilize this and use this time to network regardless of whether you are actively searching for a job right now or not

With the youth of today not being too keen on taking an active role in financial planning, what is your word of advice to them?

I know it’s hard but start early. Right now, your best friends are the power of interest and time. Start by creating a budget for yourself that isn’t too restrictive, and also something you can follow consistently in the long run. You will never regret investing in and for your future self.

What is one aspect of investment banking that truly excites you?

The fast-paced nature of the investment banking industry is what appealed to me. Every day I work in this industry, I learn something new. I currently work in a division that helps companies raise money through equity; this exposes me to a plethora of industries, and the fact that the journey of learning and growth never stops really excites me.

What are your words of wisdom to women trying to get into the business field?

Don’t compromise your vision to meet society’s expectations. Yes, business is a male dominated industry, for a woman to break in and claim her seat at the table requires more effort and dedication. But Companies are slowly but surely realizing the power of a diverse workforce and its positive impact on performance and business results, we should continue breaking that glass ceiling and pave the way for more women to join this industry without the baggage of stereotypes.

Our network is our support system. We are human beings, not superheroes; and from time to time, we need help and support to carry our burden. I believe that our network helps us realize our potential and motivates us to take on more in life. During quarantine, our circle is smaller than ever. Stay in touch with the people you care about. If a bond is truly strong, distance shouldn’t impact the relationship.

As you recommend writing letters to your future self, what is the one life you would like to say to the future, Pradeepa Krish?

 To the future Pradeepa Krish, I would say that I am excited to see how you carve your path in the world, the career choices you make, the impact you have on society, and most importantly the person you are evolving to be. We both know you have high expectations for yourself, you always have been one to look forward to the next step. But don’t forget to appreciate each day and live in the moment too, because that is equally if not more important.

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