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Passion or profession? Why not both! – Prachee Viraskar

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Passion or profession? Why not both! - Prachee Viraskar

I am Prachee, an MBA graduate. My father wanted me to work at a bank, and so I gave all the banking exams and landed up at Axis Bank. I later switched to Kotak Bank, and at the age of 25, I was the deputy branch manager at operations. I have received a lot of accolades in my field.

Banking was never my field of interest; I was interested in fashion and modeling from the very start.

My passion for fashion and photography was unknown to my father, and he once caught my photos red-handed. He was reluctant at first but agreed later and allowed me to pursue fashion and photography. I had a knack for photography and modeling and started my journey on Instagram by making my private account public. This was the first step that I had taken, and I am proud of taking this step to date.

I manage my passion- my page and my job simultaneously. Being a banker, I do not get time to devote to blogging, but I manage somehow on weekends with my friends’ support.Though it is hectic, it is fun; it is something I love doing.

Talking about the lockdown, I am a frontline employee at a bank, and we are essential workers. We have to travel daily and give our best. I contracted COVID and was tested positive. I was hospitalized for a week. My family took care of me like a baby during that time. I started utilizing my quarantine period reading books, doing storytelling online, working on my blog, and providing value online.

I have rejoined my office and have been striving hard to juggle between my passion and profession. The lockdown has taught me how to be fearless and has whispered that life is not as scary as it seems to be.

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