The Breakthrough with Poonam Salian

Poonam Salian had completed her master’s in psychology and was already working as a counsellor when she realized that she was cut out from a different piece of clothing and her true calling was something else. She made a gigantic transition from psychology to online marketing with the zeal to make the best out of her and the motivation to never look back and keep on working. She established DAB of India, an online marketing agency with her partner Hamza Chhatrisa who co-founded it.

In her interview with Storiyaan, Poonam gives us an insight into the world of marketing, tells us about her experience dealing with drug addicts, talks about her precious and adorable dog Mia and elaborates her love for traveling.


Questions and answers

Being a student of psychology, can you talk to us about your specialization in Addict psychiatry?

I was specialized in Addict and I had to deal with drug and alcohol addicts. The recovery rate of these patients is very low as it is a very hard journey for them but at the same time, it is very disheartening for the counsellors as well. That was my biggest challenge and was also very demotivating for me at the same time as it takes a lot of patience and persistence.

What was it about digital marketing that gravitated you from your initial chosen field and how satisfied are you with this shift?

Digital marketing is a very dynamic and growing industry, not to mention that some sort of creative work or other has always caught my attention. Every brand wants to get noticed and that is what excites me. I am on board with anything that offers good exposure and that is what captivates me.

DAB is your creation and is running successfully for two years now. What do you envision for the company in the next five years?

DAB has been active for two years now and holds a very special place in my heart. I wanted to build a company wherein I could do something on my own and it is a huge achievement to get the entire team running for two years.  I want to engage hundreds of workers and increase its credibility in the next 5 years.

DAB is an ever-evolving digital marketing agency that aims at creating real change in the way online audiences are influenced. What are some of the strategies adopted by you to attain this objective?

We don’t believe in any sort of traditional marketing so we never work on commercials even though we have clients from similar industries. When we go for client meetings, we try to understand their view point and then give them solutions. Our focus is always on providing the best custom solutions and services to our clients.

Travelling seems to have a special place in your heart. When did you first discover the traveller in you?

I started traveling three to four years after changing my career. During those trips, I interacted with a lot of new people and got to know about their culture and professions. It helped me understand their lifestyles which aided my marketing. It wasn’t pre-planned; it just happened.

Last year you were nominated for the Social Samosa Superwomen. Can you tell us about your reaction when you first received the news, and how it influenced you?

That is one beautiful memory, I will always cherish. It came as a sweet surprise and what I felt at that time cannot be expressed in words. I felt very elated and was on cloud nine.

On a similar note, you became the CEO of your company at a very young age. What according to you has been your mantra towards your success?

I believe in consistency and not giving up. When I put my heart on something, there is no looking back. I never give up and keep on working, no matter how difficult the path that has been laid for me is.

As a female CEO of a company, what are the challenges that you have had to experience, and how do you ensure a professional and healthy work environment in your company?

My entire team consists of a mix of very young talent and experienced people. Young talents are my gold. They’re very dynamic and they’re the assets of my company. They have such beautiful ideas and I believe experience is important but new fresh ideas make everything smooth and beautiful.

How has being a dog mom for Mia affected your life and your perspective on life?

Mia is my therapy and beyond that, she is the apple of my life. She is more than a daughter to me and not seeing her face makes me so anxious. She has a very special and big place in my heart and is the most important thing in my life.

The Covid-19 pandemic had been difficult for a lot of businesses. What impact did it have on DAB and what strategies did you adopt to restrict the losses, if any?

We’ve been very calm and we analysed the situation very well. Many of our clients went off-board but never mind we still had some clients coming in. the most important thing was to not lose faith. After the pandemic, our clients have come back to us, they’ve recommended us to their colleagues about our work.

What message would you like to leave for your readers who want to follow in your footsteps?

It is important to have that ‘never give-up’ attitude in you and have a burning desire and passion for your work. That’s how I did it and that’s how you can do it too!

Quick 5

a. Favourite holiday destination?: Bali

b. Therapy to you is: Mia

c. When not working, you are?: I’m traveling. Then my family is into restaurants so I help them and I also like to shop.

d. Your philosophy of life in one word?: Be persistent

e. Most extravagant purchase?: Recently I booked a very lavish holiday for myself

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