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5 Min Bit with Pooja Nakhoday

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Pooja Nakhoday is an Acupressure Therapist with over five years of experience in Acupressure. She was dissatisfied with the Modern Education system and discovered her passion when she stumbled upon the ancient skill of acupressure.

“Acupressure is divine science of ancient saints which has been revived and incorporated in modern science,” she says. After establishing her brand called “Saadhana Kendra
International” she has helped people relieve their pangs and enjoy their life again. She is running her brand for 3 years now. Apart from her successful life as a therapist, she is also teaching Colour Therapy, Ayurveda Acupressure, German Acupressure, Chinese Acupressure and Tongue Diagnosing. Read more about Pooja Nakhoday in this exclusive interview to know more about Colour Therapy, tongue diagnosing, and a lot of other interesting things.

Pooja Nakhoday


Questions and answers

Can you talk to us about “Colour Therapy” and how can it help people with disorders?

Colours are the manifestation of cosmic power that is responsible for life. The use of proper colours not only helps in having an attractive personality but condition our mind to be better. We have 10 elements in Colour Therapy; each finger represents each element with its respective colours. If we understand the concept and logic of balancing elements by using colours, we can cure any disease.

You have been teaching acupressure to a lot of women. Please shed some light on how acupressure helps us heal from ailments?

If women in the house know the basics of Acupressure and Colour Therapy, they can give treatment to their own family members rather than taking pills. That’s my ultimate goal. If you apply pressure on certain specific points, energy is released which helps to speed up the healing process.

How did you develop your brand “Saadhna Kendra International” and what challenges did you encounter on your way?

I started “Saadhna Kendra International” after I realised that I can help people with their ailments and spread awareness about acupressure to other foreign countries as well. My friends and family were sceptical about the efficacy of acupressure and were unsure about its success, so, convincing them to trust the process was challenging to me initially.

What is Tongue Diagnosing and what forms the basis of tongue diagnosing?

The tongue is the Horoscope of our health as our tongue can reflect our health condition. For example, if the color of the tongue is abnormally red, it indicates excess heat in the body. So we use byol magnets to balance irregular energies to stabilize our body system.

Can you give us a few tips on how we can inculcate acupressure in our daily lives?

Yes, definitely. To keep yourself healthy, you can give pressure on your palm both front and back. You can also apply Fenugreek seeds on surgical tape and apply it on the right ring finger base joint as their inherent energies will help you stay healthy, active and build a good immune system.

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