Pooja Bedi: My version of fashion

My version of fashion- Pooja Bedi

I was small and watched my mother sew her clothes and do pretty embroidery artwork on them. I started to develop interest and would sit by her side, making clothes for my Barbie Dolls. I was surrounded by art and creativity throughout.

I was someone who would draw Lehenga designs in my classmates’ rough notes and tell them I would become a Fashion Designer someday and make their wedding outfits. I lost my mother in the year 2010, and it was the most challenging phase of my life as she was my only strength, and I did not know how to survive even a day without her. I was physically disconnected from her, but I have never let her disconnect with me spiritually. I wanted to follow her footsteps, do what she did, and continue the art and creativity she left behind to learn and explore. I took up Fashion and Apparel Design after under graduation. During my 3rd year, I came up with my first design collection called Rustic Wabi Sabi -Beauty in the imperfections of life, for which I also won the Best Design Collection Award.

I worked at multiple places to gain experience before coming up with my label with the name “Pooja Anita Bedi. ” The label is dedicated to my mother, hence her name beside mine. As I am working towards my label, I want people to know my inspiration and my work’s purpose. I am also currently working with Marks and Spencer India Pvt ltd as a Fashion Stylist, adding more feathers to my hat. I have believed in finding the purpose of life and working towards it. Mine is to introduce my version of fashion to people, and I am working towards it.

  1. Chetna

    Pooja anita bedi is the best fashion designer ever..
    Full of enthusiasm, crazy for work exclusive designs.. Oh my God.. No words to elucidate her work.. You are just awesome .. Pooja Bedi.. 😍😍

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