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5 Min Bit With Pia Hingorani

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“Our life is like bicycles that are needed to be balanced, but stumbling down is the part of the learning process. Embrace it all and keep riding towards your chosen destination.” says Pia Hingorani.

Pia is an IT Professional, Tarot Reader and Therapist whose divine connections with her cards have bestowed success in innumerable lives. With an experience of over 10 years, her spiritual skills and abilities are nothing short of a super-power. Besides, she is also a certified Angel Healer and Reiki Master. A learnt voice and with a life’s work behind her; Pia talks about the power of prayers, the transformation that planning brings to our lives and much more in this enlightening conversation with Storiyaan.

Pia Hingorani


Questions and answers

You have been practising tarot for 10 years now and had several tarot readings. What has been the major turning point of your journey?

The major turning point was the moment I decided to open my tarot reading sessions to the world. Previously, it was limited to my family and friends. Since, I have helped uncountable people reach the zenith of their success. 

As a spiritual believer, what do you want to say on the power of prayers and their impact on healing?

Prayers are like putting oneself in the hands of God. When you pray with all belief, trust and faith in the Almighty, you choose to surrender yourself to Him. Nothing is greater than a humble and honest prayer as it symbolises hope. 


Working as a therapist, what is your one, most satisfactory memory with your client that has made you feel proud of your work?

One of my clients was admitted to the ICU for a long time and I was asked to help him. Today, with my Reiki Healing and prayers, he is stable and out of the ICU. Thus, this experience strengthened my belief in the power of healing.

You have won different awards concerning your professional journey. How have these victories helped you to boost your confidence?

The recognition does motivate me to continue with the good work but it is my ability to work organise, schedule and plan the day that keeps me busy and productive. Apart from that, I am a workaholic and utilize my time efficiently.

Being a multi-tasker and across different domains, what is your mantra of work & life balance that keeps you positive and productive?

I multi-task and have good time management skills. I make sure that my work is not burning me out. Furthermore, I practice positive self-affirmations and motivate myself to push my boundaries and experiment. 

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