Krishna Patel

Perfecting images with Krishna Patel

Krishna Patel, “Image management is the ongoing process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance and the resulting response on you and others around you”. 

Krishna Patel, an epitome of style, who employs her unique talent of blending personal style and her own innovative vision to create the perfect mix of what suits her clients the best. She advocates sustainability while also ensuring bespoke styles that her clients can adopt into their day to day lives. Hers is an interesting saga of how she turned something she found “fun” to do into a fruitful venture, helping out others in the process as well. She presents an immaculate program, grooming her clients for every aspect of their lives – be it in their profession or for a wedding. Dig into her journey as she freewheels into a conversation with Storiyaan

Krishna Patel

Perfecting images with Krishna Patel


Questions and answers

Can you tell us the story that enabled you to realise and give wings to your creative flair as a stylist?

I always used to mix-n-match clothes and accessories to create new looks for my family and me, taking references from different designers. Once I decided to create a complete look for my entire family for a wedding function. The joy on their faces and the positive response encouraged me to start styling and consulting extended family and friends; and that’s how I got into this field.

What was your first encounter with the art of creating sustainable fashion and what about it appealed to you in the firstplace?

My first client’s lifestyle required a sustainable wardrobe where he could wear his outfits for different occasions in his day to day life.

Sustainable fashion is more economic and is easy for clients to manage. That’s what appealed to me in the first place.

Being an image consultant also means to groom a client from inside. What are your strategies to motivate a client to develop their personality and image?

I try to make my clients understand that their appearance first communicates its emotions to themselves and then it resonates with people around them. What you wear and the way you look affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act or behave and then the way others react and respond.

What were some of the stumbling blocks you faced in the initial days of your journey and how did you manage it?

Coming from a small city, it was initially difficult for me to make people understand what image consultancy even meant and how it can benefit them.They thought that it had to do with fashion design and wardrobe changes. After doing two pro bono, I was able to establish my name in the market.

Share with us a story of your client where you were able to bring a noticeable change in them and how have these feedbacks motivated you?

I was part of a workshop in which a group of rural girls were taught hand embroidery, encouraging them to be independent financially. As an image consultant I was educating them about different colour combinations and different types of fabric textures that would look more attractive to the buyer. I was overwhelmed to be able to help bring a major change in their lives.

How has the panorama of the image consulting industry changed in the past years?

In India the need of an image consultant is growing and people are realizing the importance of projecting positive image in their personal, professional and social life. The scope has increased tremendously over the past years.

Sometimes while focusing on the style and fashions, comfort is often compromised. What are your priorities and what are the points you keep in mind while suggesting clothes for your clients?

My suggestions and recommendations are always in sync with the client’s personal priority. The other thing I keep in mind whether the client will be comfortable and confident in carrying the clothes which I am suggesting. The clothing should be in harmony with their lifestyle and personal style, aiming to create positive long lasting impressions.

If our readers wish to contact you, how can they reach out to you? Instagram or email.

I have an instagram page @kriateofficial and the email id where they can email me but we can always schedule a phone call as well on 8469199979.

As a wedding stylist, what are the main criterion that you focus on so that the bride looks the best on her special day?

I guide them on the basis of their dream look, personal style and their body shape. We advise them on the type of jewelry, make-up, their basic make up post-wedding, touch ups, accessories and trousseaus as well. I always suggest that my clients schedule one meeting with event management team and myself to understand how the photos will look like so that the focus from the bride is not diverted.

Working as a wardrobe manager , share with us some of the best ideas to declutter excess clothes?

Organize your wardrobe every six months. Create your own sections to help you through the day. Pair the redundant clothes with some of your favourite items and create a new outfit. Try and buy few basic items and team up with different ones. Learn the art of clustering where you put together a group of 5,8, or 12 clothing pieces which helps one to create numerous looks by mixing and matching pieces together

Quick 5

1. One fabric that is worst for the environment? Velvet

2. Your favourite outfit? Pants and a Shirt

3. The person who has been a motivation to you? Masoomminawala

4. Your mantra in life? Shirt, Salwar or Skirt, Wear your confidence. This is what I want my clients to achieve.

5. Any particular fashion trend you despise? Sports shoes with suits.

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