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Our First Thoughts on Hawkeye Trailer

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The trailer for Marvel’s new tv series Hawkeye has just been released. 

Marvel fans are super excited to know about what happened to Hawkeye post-Endgame and about his protégé Kate Bishop. 

First episode of the series is going to premiere on Disney+ this coming November 24, and new episodes will arrive every Wednesday thereafter. 

 What can we expect from this season? Let’s dive into it.

Hawkeye Trailer
  • Kate Bishop’s Homecoming 

Fans are super excited to see Kate Bishop along with Hawkeye. A lot of Marvel fans had wished Hailee Steinfield to play the role of Kate Bishop. They are overjoyed to see their wish come true. 

Steinfield looks great in the trailer. The role of butt-kicking archer suits her a lot. We are super excited to see her fighting along with Hawkeye aka Clint Barton. 

  • The DieHard of The MCU 

Many Twitter users found the action and the whole vibe of the trailer similar to the film Die Hard. 

One of the most notable things from the trailer is the Christmas theme. This further makes it similar to Die Hard. 

The Christmas theme has elevated the spirits of the people. Since the show will then run in parallel with the ongoing holiday season. This will make it even more enjoyable to watch. 

  • MCU’s Phase 4 is better than we expected 

So far, five MCU projects have been released and all have been great. They have received tremendous praise from critics and audiences alike. One of the most prominent things about these shows is the beautiful chemistry between characters. 

Whether it’s the romantic relationship of Wanda and Vision or the friendship of Loki and Mobius, MCU characters have taken our hearts. 

We are looking for a similar kind of beautiful relationship between Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. 

  • The brilliance of Kate Bishop and Yelena Bolova 

Despite making just one appearance, they have instantly become fan favourites. Fans can’t get enough of these dynamic characters and their fighting sequences. 

MCU Phase four has brought a lot of wonderful characters that are relatable and admirable in a lot of respects. Both Yelena and Kate are pure badass and deserve to be praised. 

How can you expect us to not worship these queens? 

  • Clint Barton is finally getting his own show! 

Clint Barton has always been overshadowed by other Avengers. As a result he never got his standalone film or tv show. But with the beginning of phase four of the MCU, things are going to change. 

Hawkeye fans are overjoyed to see this trailer and a lot of other fans are appreciating Barton’s character. 

Of course, Clint Barton had to go through a lot in his life and it seems only fit to give him his own show.

Hawkeye Trailer
  • Kate and Yelena have the same vibes 

Both are working with former avengers. Both fight like badasses. Both have super cool suits. And both have a great sense of humour. 

Fans have observed that Kate and Yelena are similar in a lot of ways. The car chase scenes in Black Widow and in the trailer of Hawkeye look eerily similar. 

Fans are absolutely loving these new, charismatic characters. 

As MCU is advancing towards its fourth phase, these new characters will take the mantle and the old ones will retire. 

We know that it will be hard to say goodbye to our favourite avengers but with these tremendous characters as MCU’s future, the goodbye will become easier. 

  • Best Holiday Gift from Marvel studios 

The release date of Hawkeye couldn’t have been perfect. 

People are eagerly looking for new and exciting films and tv shows to watch during the holiday season. Hawkeye looks like a perfect holiday watch that one can enjoy with their friends or family. 

It has the marvel element in it but it is also christmassy! 

Fans are really looking forward to this beautiful show. It’s going to be one of the best Christmas gifts. 

After the release of Hawkeye trailer, we can’t keep our excitement to ourselves and it shows. 

Are you a Marvel fan? Are you looking forward to this new show? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section! 

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