Nupoor Devdas Aroskar- A Life Full of Glitter

Nupoor Devdas Aroskar

Nupoor Devdas Aroskar- A Life Full of Glitter

Nupoor Devdas Aroskar says, “Sitting in a chair with a book in front of me was something I hated to do as a child. Science, history, math held no interest to me and as soon as school was over, I would go back to home and let the creativity flow through me. Be it a wall hanging or something as simple as painting a flower pot, the creativity would flow through me almost very naturally and would always leave me smiling. And you ask what was special? All the glitter. I had a glittery childhood and that showed in my crafts.

Even though academics were of no interest, I completed my graduation in, pursued interior designing and found myself in the designing field. So, what if I grew up and did not paint flower pots with glitter anymore? I found another way to put my passion to use.

Once, working for a client I saw a concrete planter somewhere on the internet and fell in love with it immediately. I so wanted to use it on my project but I could not find it anywhere. That is when I took matters into my own hand and decided to make my own concrete planter. I kept on working and experimenting for a month straight. The result might not have been what I wanted it to be but it was perfect nonetheless because I had made it with my own hands and it was my masterpiece. The astonishing thing is that other people liked it as well and started placing orders for concrete planters. So, what started as an experiment and the drive to make something with my own hands was given the name of LittleGlitters. Why Glitter? Because I am obsessed with Glitters.

I am the kind of person who likes to grow constantly, so why not have a venture of my own? I had named it after glitter so I decided to add glitter to it as well. I started making earrings, keychains, and other such accessories. Each one of them is designed by me and is given a personal touch of my personality. I’m so grateful that I could put my creativity to use and make a profession out of it.

I have learned that it is okay to be afraid but get over that fear and never look back. Even if life does give you lemons, just make lemonade out of it, drink it, and move on.”

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