NotWithoutSaltt: Fresh Out Of The Kitchen

“NotWithoutSaltt” founder Diksha Misra says while most of us have compromised checking the ingredients list of our favourite food products for their taste, she found purpose in the same. During the pandemic, she committed herself to eat healthily and realized how most of the products readily available in the market are filled with chemical preservatives, added flavours and colours, the prolonged use of which can cause a world of health problems.

As a result, ditching the commercial products, Diksha started making her own products which soon powered her idea to launch “Notwithoutsaltt”, a platform for wholesome foods made with the finest ingredients and flavour.

 Read along to know more about the several qualities of why “Notwithoutsaltt” can be the perfect start towards healthy living in this exclusive interview by Storiyaan.


NotWithoutSaltt: Fresh Out Of The Kitchen


Questions and answers

Often people skip over the ingredients list of their food items. When did you first realize how food products in the market have ingredients that are corruptive to our health?

When the pandemic started, I became conscious about eating right and staying healthy. I started taking a close look at the ingredients of products and realized how a lot of the ingredients are chemical preservatives that take away real value of the nutrients in the products.

How did this passion for conscious eating take the shape of a project to convey wholesome food to the community?

Eating clean has drastically improved my health and body. My skin started glowing and I felt more energetic throughout the day. This transformation drove me to inform others about the goodness of wholesome food. Thus, began my passion to serve others fresh food, made with the finest ingredients and without any chemicals.

What inspired the name “Notwithoutsaltt’ what significance does it hold for you now?

Salt is a magic ingredient, even a pinch of which can lift your dish whether it’s sweet or savoury. The name “Notwithoutsaltt” signifies that all our products contain that taste elevating dash of salt which brings flavour to your dish.

What troubles did you face when it came to marketing?

Initially, we faced a shortage of funds for marketing and publicizing the brand. No brand can survive without instrumental marketing and customer focus. We faced troubles in creating brand awareness.

Tell us a bit about your best-selling product this week and what makes it stand out among the others?

Our best seller this week has been the Espresso Granola.

Its signature taste is of hazelnuts and freshly brewed coffee. Espresso Granola packs a ton of nutrients without compromising on the taste which makes it a standalone product.

How do you increase the shelf-life of your products if you refrain from the use of preservatives?

We don’t increase the shelf-life of the products. We believe in serving food in its purest and most wholesome form. All our orders are made fresh and involve no storage facility.

Tell us a bit about your workforce and where do you derive your raw materials from?

We currently have a workforce which includes the kitchen staff, social media and marketing team. We source our raw ingredients from local traders.

What are the lessons you took back from trial and error while launching your products?

My lesson was to keep on trying. Errors are part of the process and shouldn’t deter you from introducing new products. It takes hours of research and dedication to curating the perfect, well-balanced recipe.

The COVID-19 had been a curse to multiple businesses. What were your strategies to cut down on losses if any?

We launched our business during the pandemic. Therefore, we were already aware of the circumstances. Moreover, since we are an e-commerce website, fortunately, the lockdown did not affect us.

There is an option for gifting on behalf of your customers as well. How did you conceive this idea and what modes of payments are made available on your platform?

Many of our customers used to purchase our products particularly the Peanut Butter and Hot Chocolate Mixes for their friends and family. This made us want to curate a customizable hamper with 5 of our products that can be gifted.

We have all types of online payments along with COD.

Quick 5

1. One food item you detest – Refined Sugar

2. An absolute must-include ingredient – Salt

3. One misconception about you–That I have a family business already!

4. The hardest part of the job – Managing human resource

5. One thing you would like to change about the industry – Bring in more creative & innovative food products

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