Tarot & Spirituality

Tarot & Spirituality


Growing up in a spiritual family, I had always been aware that spirituality and mental health went hand in hand even though I was not aware of the technical terms. I started learning and researching on reading tarot cards in November 2019 and mastered it quickly. I started my Tarot page and began daily readings; soon, that page grew into a community where people would desire to solve their problems and grow through the attainment of Spirituality. I had my fair share of sceptics, trying to undermine my beliefs through “scientific reasoning”. I would then show them how our belief-systems were not any different; we just used different terms.

I aim to educate people on spirituality and will soon launch a service that guides my audience through budget-friendly spirituality. My family was always supportive of my work but tarot, card reading and crystals was something very new to them. When I started narrating my beautiful magical experiences to them, that is when they got a knack for my work and understood it fully. Spirituality to me was one desperate attempt to change the way I feel and understand my soul and calling in life. I turned to Spirituality when I felt lost and depressed – a phase I went through right after I graduated from college, and that is what I try to do for people who seek my guidance by giving them a dose of positivity and hope. I relate to their problems and aspirations. I carry a part of them in my heart as I, too, have been through it all, and this relatability strengthens my bond with my clients.

During the pandemic, I refused to let myself be a victim of loneliness by working all the time and looked for other doors and found my awakening through my brand. I then sought those who had fallen prey to the mental trauma of lockdown and tried to assist them. I hope for my brand to grow and to build a community of believers. Magic truly exists, and even though it is hard to believe, it is there, and it has a source – some call it God, others a ball of energy, and it turned my life around, and I hope it does the same for those who come in contact with me. After all, it is beautiful to know that “the entire universe has your back”.

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