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5 Min Bit With Neha Arora

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“The reception and support that my venture has been receiving from our clients have pushed me to continue experimentation with several designs,” says Neha Arora, the founder of Tradition Meets Trends.

There is perhaps no one who has not sported the iconic Indian Juttis. From songs to movie dialogues to the undisputed friend of a Salwar Kameez, juttis have come to share closet space in every home.

Keeping up with trends, Neha has incorporated Western patterns into her appealing designs and highlighted the Indo-Western style of footwear designs. Besides, Neha  has studied medicine and the craft of “Phulkari” with which she made inroads into footwear designing. 

Read more about Neha’s quaint business venture in this candid conversation she shared with Storiyaan.

Neha Arora


Questions and answers

When did you begin to develop an interest in Indian traditional crafts?

As far as my memory goes, I have been interested in Indian traditional crafts. Soon, that interest gave rise to my inclination of creating Indian suits, Juttis, and Jewellery and I have never looked back since.

What according to you are the factors that enabled the traditional ‘Juttis’ to stand the test of time while several traditional outfits and designs have gone out of fashion?

Juttis are versatile which goes with your traditional as well as bohemian looks which are currently in fashion. The craft has been re-invented to focus more on comfort. Furthermore, social media has resulted in the growing awareness and trend of walking the talk in traditional attires.

What made you decide to try out your talent of designing “Phulkari” on footwear that led to your eureka moment?

A ‘Phulkari’ pattern is iridescent and its vibrancy remains unmatched. When I started designing juttis I had a vision of creating something bright and colourful. This made me try the ‘Phulkari’ pattern which was an instant hit.  

Your brand has gone down well among celebrities like Mouni Roy and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as well. How did their appreciation for your brand motivate you for the future?

Celebrity recognition fulfils our desire to continue curating and re-fashioning our collections and products. However, we can never thank our clients enough for their due support and feedback. 

How do you manage to strike a balance between trendy and traditional design to create a fusion with the proper proportions of the two?

To create a fusion design we choose fabrics like denim, velvets and prints along with Indian silk, beads or coin work. This brings the interesting co-existence of Indian patterns and Western designs that fits all trends!

“Tradition meets Trends” vouches for comfort along with style. What are the ways you ensure that the specific requirements of children’s footwear are met?

We swear by comfort when it comes to children’s footwear. We employ five additional layers of cushion to prevent shoe-bite and sweat absorbent linings and never compromise on the quality of the product.

What are the sources that you rely on for inspiration when it comes to creating new designs?

The most prominent of my inspirations date back to ancient Indian art and culture. I incorporate these hallmarks of Indian designs into my work. To put it in perspective, the mirror wall design of Udaipur has inspired our bestselling mirror juttis.

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