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Only Goodness – Darshan Mehta

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Darshan Mehta

Only Goodness

I joined my family business of manufacturing Switches and Accessories . During the pandemic, we came out with Nature Roots, which are daily health shots. Since the pandemic was all about keeping the immunity in check, our first product was Immunity Support drink. The initial challenge was marketing a new product, brand and a concept. And it remains a challenge. Because in the first three months, we only had one product.
Our motto is to blend nature with science. The idea is to avoid people from going and finding different ingredients in the market,mixing them accordingly in one bottle shot of 40 millilitres. So all the customer has to do is buy, shake, drink it and have a daily dose of wellness .
In this times whatever we breathe or eat is polluted. We pack all the required nutrients that have been deficient due to our busy, daily life, and replenish them in these Shots. And there are no side-effects of any of the shots and they all are Sugar-Free.
The only advice I could give is to take care of one’s health. 2020 has been challenging, and due to the pandemic, everyone’s became aware of taking care of their health and wellness . Even though the virus will go away in the near future, one must be mindful of what one consumes. One’s body should be ready for it.
Everyone talks about achieving their goals and following their dreams by working extremely hard towards it. And I have done that. Whether it is the family business I joined 6 years ago or Nature Roots, I have observed that hard work always pays off. Think of your ideas, work on them and achieve them.
Beginning a new venture— away from the family business has been the most memorable thing in my career. Whether it was registering it or building the brand from scratch, it has been with me profoundly. Every stage reminds me of my achievements— designing the website, researching & working on the products, the marketing, and social media presence have altogether played an essential part of this journey—providing the best product as well. I did all of this alone. And so this is a testament to my dedication and will.

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