Must know Interesting Facts About Mckinsey

McKinsey, the company everyone has one or the other time heard the name of. Right? But what if we say there are many interesting things that you still are not aware of the company. Shocking? But that’s true. Don’t believe it? Just check out the article below and then come to any conclusion about it. We bet most of them you will not be aware of.

1.The company is the center of about 150 leading technology companies in the entire world. The company is now putting on extra efforts in lending offers by including things like- solutions related to any specific industry, cloud-related solutions, and nevertheless microservices too.

2. They hold and work on any issues or problems arising with the mindset of putting a forever end to that. Complications do not matter to them at all. They keep the same approach to find the solution to every problem.

They have a proper framework for that, what that is required to do is to fill up the gaps based on their research to lead to a permanent solution to the concerned issue.

3. They have divided their levels into three positions-

  • Position of being An Associate Partner
  • Position of being A Junior Partner
  • Position of Being a Senior Partner.

Depending on the position you hold at the above level, the Mckinsey partner salary is decided.

  • Associate Partners-

Base Salary- $ 300,000 to 400,000 dollars.

Compensation/ Bonus- $100,000 to $500,000dollars.

  • Junior Partners

Base Salary- $350,000 to $500,000.

Bonus/ Compensation- $ 500,000 to $ 1million dollars.

  • Senior Partners

Base Salary- $550,000

Bonus/ Compensation- $ 550,000 to 4.5million and above.

4. They are ruling the mind of the people by putting the concerned and trending technology-related issues forth their audiences. They spread about the solutions of these via some of the leading trade shows like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Web Summit in Portugal, World Economic Forum in Davos, International Festival of Creativity, WSJ D. Live Asia in Hong Kong, and Switzerland and the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Isn’t it a unique way to rule the minds? Of course yes indeed a mind-blowing way.

5. They are the owners of well-experienced and full of capabilities Studios and Digital Centres. To get their clients to feel the experience of real business and have technological solutions, the company across the world has set up numerous studios and digital centers. Isn’t that an excellent customer-attracting strategy?

6. McKinsey & Company is a company with more than 1500 young minds that work no doubt are from different backgrounds but have the same energy for taking the company to sky height. Yes, and the company is also in search of more such brilliant minds that are either engineers, designers, or coders to expand their chain of young minds.

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