Metanoia by Makeup: Milie Rathod

Skin is a beautiful gift that we have, and we should give our best to take care of it. Misara was created with the notion of providing eco-friendly cosmetics to the masses. People should not apply chemical cosmetics as they are harmful to our supple and soft skin. I had this idea back in my college days, and after graduating, I was still hell-bent on making this idea grow. Therefore, I further took lessons on perfecting my craft.

After my education, I immediately went all out on this creation of mine, and started to create a list of products, inspected their quality, and started selling them. I set up an e-Commerce website and brought forth my products to the platform of social media marketing. I started working on my brand- Misara in the previous year of November and officially entered the market in July 2020.

Every product of mine carries what I believe in- no added fragrances, preservatives, and chemicals. I handpick the materials for my products and work patiently to create them. I have sensitive skin, so I craft these products as if they are for me alone.

Whilst the journey, I had to face many legal challenges as I had to get my licenses in action. Choosing the right raw materials had been challenging too. I even joined a course on how to choose the right material. Getting a brand name was also a hard nut to crack. As I am very particular about my choices, I had difficulty finding a designer. These things pushed me back for a while, but I learnt designing myself and got the label designed for my brand.

I didn’t want this project to be just another Work-from-home idea. That’s why I started with social media and the website together. I also got my products listed on other big e-commerce platforms like Qtrove, and we are soon planning to get ourselves launched on Nykaa too.

I draw my inspiration from Kylie cosmetics. I adore what they do, and I hope to take Misara in a similar direction. Let me tell you a secret; makeup is for girls not because they have some insecurities or esteem issues. It works as a confidence booster and stress reliever for most of us. It makes you happy from within, and it shows on your beautiful face. And when people stare at you while you contour, you got to make it worth their while 😉

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