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Meraki - Ingenuity & Innovation

“After graduating from IBS Bangalore, I had the opportunity to work for multiple leading companies like Practo, IndiaBulls, Yellow tie hospitality. I even joined forces with Aflatoon Digital & Fashion TV.

However, my mind and heart were never alleviated; I always had a dream to start something by myself, I wanted to run the show and build an empire of my own.

I’ve lived by the motto ‘ Don’t just read those success stories, create your own.’ Swearing by this I took a calculated risk and leaped into launching Meraki & Co. on 3rd May 2020 – marking the beginning of my story!

As a businesswoman, I have never flickered. I knew exactly what I wanted in life. But, launching a company in the pandemic came with its challenges.

From hiring employees to servicing the clients, everything was twice as difficult as it would be had the situation been normal. Even traveling and communicating got a tad bit difficult.

The start was definitely a rocky road but, having bigger dreams and goals is not easy to sleep with every night, isn’t it?

It takes everything to become an entrepreneur and more than that to become a good one. So, despite the hardships, I kept going because India is on a road to digitalization and I’m on my way to make it one.

While all the sectors have taken a beating in the past year, we can’t deny the fact that the tables have turned and people are getting more tech-savvy – the pandemic was the perfect example when people experienced the Power of Digitalization

Digital speed is almost 5 times faster than traditional businesses. There are many competitive disadvantages of not being out there and being in the eyes of the consumers.

On conversing with many like-minded business owners and people from the same industry, I spotted the gaps and thought ‘what could I build if I filled everything under one roof?’

I elected to be an opportunist and dived straight into it. I started out with 6 major servicing agencies, onboarding 50 retainer clients with multiple one-time branding projects and 15 full-time hard-working armies by my side.

And today, Meraki & Co. harnesses its creative superpowers to help more than 50+ businesses boost their online visibility & help them surplus their overall business revenue.”

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