Mehek Purohit: Small town girl, making it big in life!

Mehek Purohit

Mehek Purohit: Small town girl, making it big in life!

” Being born into an orthodox Marwadi family, I only had 2 options – either prove my self worth by 21 or get married; my mom didn’t want me to end up with the latter one; She wanted me to have dreams of my own and fought with my father to enroll me into the school.

Back in childhood I didn’t understand her outrage and never bothered to take my studies seriously, but was extremely inclined towards art. Looking at my result –  58% in boards mom had lost hopes. Sach kahun to Mujhe Bhi Apni Shaadi ki shehnaiyan sunai dene Lagi; I didn’t want to get married but neither did I wish to study any further, my only ray of hope was my passion for art.

I decided to give the elementary intermediate exam; to my astonishment- I passed the exam with flying colors and then began my race against time to prove my self-worth; I ended up landing in a production internship in my 2nd year.

Telling NO to any work opportunity wasn’t an option for me. I always believed that ‘If you miss a call, you miss an opportunity, and sticking with this mantra I managed to have a stable income. While I thought that my turmoil finally bore fruit, life had new plans for me.

My maternal grandmother was very close to my heart. It was a regular day at work when I received a call that she had a brain stroke. Of everyone there, she only recognized me, ‘Aagayi chakli ‘ were her exact words. It was at that moment when I realized that I hadn’t arrived at my destination yet.

And that’s how Chakli Art was born! I decided to name it after my late grandmother and even the logo resembles me holding her hand depicting that she will always be with me in every journey of my life.

It is an advertising and digital marketing agency providing brand solutions in terms of content marketing according to their respective specializations on online and offline media platforms. I’ve always believed in content rather than numbers and that’s what has led us to get felicitated at the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Awards 2021.

It is days like these that remind me that my journey may have started as a majboori to prove myself par ab is safar mein maza aane Laga hai! “

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