Meghna Soni: Lady with a magic wand

Meghna Soni

Meghna Soni: Lady with a magic wand

“All of us have a different kind of magic within us, some find it early, some find it later in life. My calling on the earth is definitely to help people discover their truest potential, to be their best

My career journey here has been a long one with a lot of ups and downs, but every experience has always added up positively to my story. Always been a girl with high dreams, believing I can touch the sky and no lows or twists and turns of life could ever change that part of me. But what I also learned throughout my journey is that confidence doesn’t come easy to everyone. People might have skills, talents, be exceptional but yet lack the fire, the confidence, and that’s when I realized that I could be the one to fill that gap to help people empower themselves.

Being a Fine Arts graduate in Graphic design- I have always been extremely creative and now I use that creativity in my consultations, which I can say is the wow factor, and all my years of corporate experience heading teams from advertising agencies to automobiles has given me a niche for training topics which are required to ace in the corporate world. Of course, My International certifications in Image Consultancy, Soft skill Training, and Psychology have definitely added value to create the perfect launchpad ready to up-skill people and enhance their personalities. As here at Beskillable we work with the vision to make a difference in this world by helping each one of you be the best version of yourself.

As every fairytale has a fairy godmother, who waves the magic wand so does Meghna Soni – The
Founder of Beskillable. You want to boost your self-worth or enhance your personality or ace the interview, now you know where to go!

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