Writing my dreams-Mansing mohite

Writing my dreams-Mansing Mohite

I hail from a village in Kolhapur, where most of my schooling took place in temples as we never had a proper school building. Surrounded by cattle & crops. we wore rubber slippers to school and did after parties near streams off the riverside.  

Ours was a traditional village with a farming culture as a means of living. Though the city was always a huge attraction for all of us, never had I imagined doing my post-graduation from London and shifting to Mumbai.

I always had a long fond love for reading and interest in physics, which got me into engineering. That is when I had started getting exposure to how life outside the four walls of my village looked life. I brushed up my communication skills and decided to pursue my further studies from abroad.

My language was rough, and I was raw, which created many problems for my entrance exam. With limited guidance, Due to no proper documentation, lack of financial resources, I had also failed to obtain a VISA. I decided not to give up and worked my way out of every hurdle to land up in the dream city- London finally.

London had its charm, but a different kind of loneliness engulfed me due to the unfamiliar faces and not so known culture of the city. Most of my inferiority complex rooted in the fact that I came from a village where people barely studied after 12th, and here I was doing my post-graduation.

This is when I started reading books from all genres and worked part-time in bookstore. Books can indeed be a man’s best friend, and I experienced this when I started reading them. They brought a lot of positive changes in me. From my language to my communication skills, I upscaled every flaw of mine.

After I returned from London, I secured a decent enough job in Mumbai, which gives me opportunity to travel across world. I would never want any child from my village to feel a lack of opportunities, so I contribute a part of my salary to the educational needs of children of my village.

Books have always been there by my side, inexplicably making me a better person. Meanwhile I started writing down my stories and experiences which allowed me to express my thought process. I never want any child from my village to be deprived of any opportunity, so I contribute⁩ in my own way. I always wanted to publish a book of my own, and I am working towards paying my homage to everything life has given me.

I have religiously imbibed the never give up attitude in my daily life, and the universe has miraculously given me all that I have ever wanted.

  1. Roshni Tuteja

    Mansing Mohite you are doing something which other only think of. You are an inspiration to many. Your struggle, hard work and never give up attitude no matter how worst the situation gets but always a hope that best is yet to come is something which is striking.

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